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(Askeri) barış zamanı çalışma stokları; destek limanı; mevki; başarı ihtimali (peacetime operating stocks; port of support; position; probability of success)
{k} position, positive, possessive
pos register
satış noktası yazar kasası
pos terminal
satış noktası uçbirimi
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point of sale / point of service
part of speech (noun, verb, interjection etc.)
proof of service
piece of shit
parent over shoulder
Proprietary Operating System

I'm not absolutely pos on that, sir.

Point of Service A growing number of HMOs now offer a POS option "escape hatch" which allows HMO members to seek care from non-HMO physicians, but the premiums for POS plans are more costly than those for traditional HMOs which restrict choice of physician Moreover, when an HMO member receives care from a non-participating physician or hospital, the HMO pays less than its usual 100% coverage of necessary medical services
Point of Service health plans combine the features of an HMO with those of out-of-network, fee-for-service coverage Out-of-network usage typically has a per person cap, POS options or products that may be offered by managed care programs or indemnity insurers
Point of Sale
Point of Service Option An insurance plan option utilized by some HMOs to allow patients to see physicians outside of the HMO for an increased cost
(Ticaret) (point of sale) The simultaneous recording of a customer sale and its effect on inventory levels, typically done in a retail environment using automatic data collection systems. Real-time point of sales data is sometimes used to automatically trigger replenishment orders as required, and can be used in sales analysis to review end-customer rather than distributor sales patterns
The POS is the place in a shop where a product is passed from the seller to the customer. POS is an abbreviation for `point of sale'. a POS system that doubles as a stock and sales control system. Pos. is the written abbreviation for positive. point-of-sale
computer application which facilitates sales transactions and often helps track inventory
Point-of-Service An HMO plan that allows members to "self-refer" out of the network, subject to higher fees than if care were received from the HMO network
Purchase of Services
Point of Service A provision that would allow patients in certain managed care plans which limit choice of doctors and hospitals to seek treatment outside the plans Patients who use this option would pay more
Point of Service An option under TRICARE Prime that allows enrollees to self-refer for non-emergent health care services to any authorized TRICARE authorized civilian provider POS claims are subject to deductibles and cost-shares
(Point of Service)
Point of Service Plans
Point-of-Sale Terminal: A type of computer terminal used to collect and store retail sales data Wireless POS terminals are used for remote or temporary locations (Back to top )
Point of sale Merchandising materials used in-store at or near the location of the item being promoted
Point Of Sale - Refers to computer equipment and software specialized for retail point of sale, particularly cash drawers, pole displays, receipt printers, bar-code scanners and software that supports them
Point of Service Plan
favorable, pertaining to the good or hopeful
A Point of Service plan offers participants the option to choose the type of coverage they want before each medical service It combines elements of an HMO (requiring a primary care doctor) and a PPO (the ability to receive services out-of-network and still have coverage at a reduced rate) If your PCP does not provide or coordinate your care, this choice pays lower benefits
POS (Point of Supply) Also called a Point Of Delivery (POD) it is a system generated number when a customer is registered on the Eskom database with a prepaid meter This point of supply is a reference number to enquire on the customer's connection on the system
Point of Sale also, Point of Service
Point of Service
Point of Sale The term also refers to two types of terminals used in retail stores: (a) A terminal with magnetic stripe reader, keyboard, display and autodialer modem, connected to the telephone network and used for on-line credit/debit authorization; (b) A more complex terminal including the above features less modem, connected to a host computer, which handles all transaction processing including item price look-up, data collection, and credit/debit authorization
pos pron
Abbreviation of possessive pronoun
{i} viewpoint, opinion; siting, locus; location, place; post, job; condition, situation; pose, stance; status of commitments on the market (Finance and Investment)
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POS device
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grow up
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