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{i} filozof

Filozoflar tarafından aydınlatılmamış bir toplum şarlatanlar tarafından aptal yerine konulurlar. - Any society not enlightened by philosophers is fooled by quacks.

Sam bir filozoftur, değil mi? - Sam is a philosopher, isn't he?

{i} düşünür
{i} felsefeci
{i} düşünceli kişi
{i} kalender kimse
philosopher's stone
Felsefe taşı

Özgürlüğün var olup olmayacağı filozoflar tarafından uzun süre tartışılmıştır. - Whether free will exists has been debated by philosophers for a long time.

Sokrates Yunan filozoflarının en bilgilisi idi. - Socrates was the wisest of the Greek philosophers.

natural philosopher
doğa araştırmacısı
Englisch - Englisch
A person devoted to studying and producing results in philosophy
One who philosophizes; one versed in, or devoted to, philosophy
An alchemist
A philosopher is a person who studies or writes about philosophy. the Greek philosopher Plato
a wise person who is calm and rational; someone who lives a life of reason with equanimity
One who reduces the principles of philosophy to practice in the conduct of life; one who lives according to the rules of practical wisdom; one who meets or regards all vicissitudes with calmness
A fool who torments himself during life, to be spoken of when dead
a specialist in philosophy
If you refer to someone as a philosopher, you mean that they think deeply and seriously about life and other basic matters
{i} one who philosophizes; one who studies the principles of existence behavior and knowledge
a specialist in philosophy a wise person who is calm and rational; someone who lives a life of reason with equanimity
philosopher king
A very wise ruler

This philosopher king contrasts sharply with the cruel tyrant, who plays a memorable role in other parts of the Histories.

philosopher's game
A game similar to chess, played on an oblong board with round, triangular and square pieces

The ordinary recreations which we have in winter, and in most solitary times busy our minds with, are cards, tables and dice, shovelboard, chess-play, the philosopher's game, small trunks, shuttlecock .

philosopher's stone
A substance able to turn base metals into gold or silver, usually by means of the application and distillation of another substance, usually mercury; also sometimes claimed to give immortality
philosopher's stone
a hypothetical substance that the alchemists believed to be capable of changing base metals into gold
philosopher's stone
an imaginary substance that was thought in the past to have the power to change any other metal into gold
plural of philosopher



    Türkische aussprache



    /fəˈläsəfər/ /fəˈlɑːsəfɜr/


    [ f&-'lä-s(&-)f& ] (noun.) 14th century. From Anglo-Norman or Middle French philosophe, from Latin philosophus, from Ancient Greek φίλος (philos, “beloved, loving”) + σοφός (sophos, “wise”), from σοφία (sophia, “wisdom”) + -er. Credited as having been coined by Pythagoras|Pythagoras]] to describe himself.Attributed dates to Roman antiquity: Cicero|Cicero]], Tusculan Disputations|Tusculan Disputations]], 5.3.8-9 = Heraclides Ponticus|Heraclides Ponticus]] fr. 88 Wehrli, Diogenes Laertius|Diogenes Laertius]] 1.12, 8.8, Iamblichus|Iamblichus]] VP 58.This view has been challenged by Walter Burkert|Walter Burkert]], but it has been defended by C.J. De Vogel, Pythagoras and Early Pythagoreanism (1966), pp. 97–102, and C. Riedweg, Pythagoras: His Life, Teaching, And Influence (2005), p. 92.


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