personal liberty

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(Politika, Siyaset) şahıs hürriyeti
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personal-liberty laws
Laws passed by U.S. states in the North to counter the Fugitive Slave Acts. Such states as Indiana (1824) and Connecticut (1828) enacted laws giving escaped slaves the right to jury trials on appeal. Vermont and New York (1840) assured fugitives the right of jury trial and provided them with attorneys. Other states forbade state authorities to capture and return fugitives. After the Compromise of 1850, most Northern states enacted further guarantees of jury trials and punishment for illegal seizure. These laws were cited by proslavery interests as assaults on states' rights and as justification for secession
personal liberty


    per·son·al Li·ber·ty

    Türkische aussprache

    pırsînîl lîbırti


    /ˈpərsənəl ˈləbərtē/ /ˈpɜrsɪnɪl ˈlɪbɜrtiː/

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