passion plays

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plural form of passion play
passion play
A play depicting the Passion of Christ or any analogous religious story of martyrdom, such as the Muslim ta'ziya
Passion play
A dramatic performance, of medieval origin, that represents the events associated with the Passion of Jesus. a play that tells the story of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Religious drama of medieval origin dealing with the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Early Passion plays were written in Latin and consisted of Gospel readings alternating with poetic descriptions of the events of Christ's Passion (i.e., his sufferings between the Last Supper and his death). Use of the vernacular for these poetic passages led to the development of independent vernacular plays. By the 16th century many of the plays had been overtaken by secular influences and had become mere popular entertainments. Some survived into the 21st century, most notably the one performed by local villagers every 10 years at Oberammergau, Ger. See also liturgical drama; miracle play; mystery play
passion play
a play representing the Passion of Christ
passion plays


    pas·sion plays

    Türkische aussprache

    päşın pleyz


    /ˈpasʜən ˈplāz/ /ˈpæʃən ˈpleɪz/

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