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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} yolcu

Kazada yaralanan yolcular en yakın hastaneye götürüldü. - The passengers who were injured in the accident were taken to the nearest hospital.

Rosa Parks, beyaz bir yolcuya koltuğunu bırakmayı reddetti. - Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white passenger.

iyileşmesi umutsuz hasta
doğması beklenen çocuk
seyyah gezmen
{i} beleşçi
{i} gezgin
[n] yolcu
{i} işten kaytaran kimse
(Otomotiv) otomobil lastiği
passenger mile
(Askeri) bir mil taşınan bir yolcu
passenger cabin
yolcu kabini
passenger car
binek otomobili
passenger car
yolcu arabası
passenger coach
yolcu otobüsü
passenger compartment
yolcu kompartımanı
passenger lounge
yolcu salonu
passenger plane
yolcu uçağı
passenger ship
yolcu vapuru
passenger ticket
yolcu bileti
passenger train
yolcu treni

Orient Express, Paris, Fransa ve İstanbul arasında çalışan lüks bir yolcu treniydi. - The Orient Express was a luxury passenger train that ran between Paris, France and Istanbul, Turkey.

İki yolcu treni Şangay'da çarpıştı. - Two passenger trains crashed in Shanghai.

yolcu başına bir mil hesabı
Passenger Coverage
(Sigorta) Yolcu sigortası
passenger compartment
yolcu kompartimani
passenger lift
yolcu asansör
passenger manifest
yolcu manifestosu
passenger mileage
yolcu kilometre
passenger pigeon
nesli tükenmiş bir yaban güvercini
passenger ramp
yolcu indirme merdiveni
passenger rate
yolcu tarifesi
passenger van
yolcu van
passenger address system
(Havacılık) yolcu duyuru sistemi
passenger air bag
(Otomotiv) yolcu hava yastığı
passenger and goods train
yolcu ve yük treni
passenger assist handle
(Otomotiv) yolcu tutamağı
passenger bench
yolcu basamağı
passenger bench
yolcu tezgahı
passenger boat
(Askeri) yolcu botu
passenger boat terminal
(Askeri) yolcu botu terminali
passenger car
(Askeri) YOLCU VAGONU: Yolcu taşımaya mahsus vagonlardan herhangi biri
passenger car
yolcu vagonu
passenger car
binek arabası
passenger car equivalent
otomobil eşdeğeri
passenger car equivalent
araba eşdeğeri
passenger contract
(Ticaret) yolcu taşıma sözleşmesi
passenger elevator
insan asansörü
passenger ferry
yolcu feribotu
passenger gangway
(Askeri) geçit yolu
passenger gangways
geçit tertibatı
passenger in the train effect
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) trendeki yabancı etkisi
passenger legal liability
(Sigorta) yolcu hukuki sorumluluğu
passenger liability
(Sigorta) yolcu mali sorumluluğu
passenger lift
insan asansörü
passenger list
(Ticaret) yolcular üstesi
passenger loading
(Havacılık) yolcu bindirme
passenger mile
(Askeri) YOLCU MİLİ: Bir mil nakledilmiş bir yolcu. Hava ve okyanus taşımacılığında, deniz mili kullanılmakta, anayurt ABD'deki demiryolları, karayolları ve yurtiçi su yolları taşımacılığında mil kullanılmaktadır
passenger seat kit
yolcu koltuğu kiti
passenger service
yolcu hizmetleri
passenger space ratio
(Askeri) gemi yolcu yoğunluğu
passenger space ratio
yolcu yeri oranı
passenger station
yolcu istasyonu
passenger terminal facilities
(Askeri) yolcu terminali tesisleri
passenger traffic
yolcu trafiği
passenger transporter
(Havacılık) yolcu taşıyıcıları
passenger's luggage
yolcu eşyası
passenger's seat
yolcu koltuğu
passenger's side
(Otomotiv) yolcu tarafı
connecting passenger
(Turizm) aktarmalı yolcu
deck passenger
güverte yolcusu
fast passenger steamer
ekspres yolcu gemisi
foot passenger
yaya yolcu
illegal passenger
kaçak yolcu
standby passenger
Zamanında yer ayırtmamış, bekleme listesindeki yolcu
clandestine passenger
biletsiz ve gizlenen yolcu
clandestine passenger
kaçak yolcu
drop off a passenger
yolcu indirmek
drop off passenger
yolcu indirmek
i am a transit passenger to new york
ben new york'a transit giden bir yolcuyum
joint military passenger agreement
(Askeri) MÜŞTEREK ASKERİ DEMİRYOLU NAKLİYAT ANLAŞMASI: Milli Savunma Bakanlığı'na mensup personelin resmi seyahatlarında, demiryolu bilet ücretlerinde belirli bir indirme ve özel hizmetler sağlayan anlaşma. Bu anlaşma; yılda bir defa yeniden gözden geçirilir
Englisch - Englisch
A young hunting bird that can fly and is taken while it is still in its first year
One who rides in a vehicle but is not the driver or part of the operating crew
To ride as a passenger in a vehicle
{n} one who passes in a carriage
means every person carried on a vessel other than the Master or crew
a traveler riding in a vehicle (a boat or bus or car or plane or train etc) who is not operating it
For a specific trip, any occupant of a motorized vehicle, other than the driver
{i} traveler, fare, one who rides (boat, plane, train, car, bus, etc.); person in a crew or group who does very little productive work or does not do his/her share of the work, person who participates in an activity in an inactive manner
Passenger is used to describe something that is designed for passengers, rather than for drivers or goods. I sat in the passenger seat. a passenger train
A passenger in a vehicle such as a bus, boat, or plane is a person who is travelling in it, but who is not driving it or working on it. Mr Fullemann was a passenger in the car when it crashed. a flight from Milan with more than forty passengers on board
A person on board a balloon having no tasks or duties
A person other than the driver travelling in or on a car, truck or bus Does not include motorcyclists or bicyclists
used in some algorithms to give priority to road users that transport more
Any person aboard an aircraft who does not perform the function of a flight crewmember or air crewmember
{s} used for passengers (as a passenger train, passenger aircraft, etc.)
person who boards the airplane
A traveler by some established conveyance, as a coach, steamboat, railroad train, etc
A privately owned car for the sole purpose of personal transportation Usually the most common vehicle registration class non-pass refers to all other classes (truck, trailer, motorcycle, taxi and so on)
A herding creature of widely varying intellect, usually found in pairs or small groups Often will become vicious and violent in simple and easily rectified situations When frightened or confused these creatures collect into a group called a "line " This "line" has no set pattern and is usually formed in inconvenient places Passengers are of four known species: Paxus iratus, Paxus latus, Paxus inebriatus, & Paxus ignoramus
this represents the 'yes' or 'no' of the user willing to be a passenger bit 1 non-null, default is 0 field only contained in table 'user info' data contained in this field is entered by the user to the system at form entry either 'driver' field or the 'passenger' field must be checked
Any occupant of a motor vehicle (in or upon the vehicle) who is not the driver
- A person who rides a transportation vehicle, excluding the driver
A passer or passer-by; a wayfarer
passenger car
A road vehicle that carries passengers; a motorcar or automobile
passenger car
A railroad car that carries passengers
passenger cars
plural form of passenger car
passenger kilometer
A basic unit used by transport companies for calculating profit levels etc. It is calculated by dividing total distance travelled, in kilometers, in a given period, by the number of passengers
passenger liner
a passenger ship
passenger mile
A basic unit used by transport companies for calculating profit levels etc. It is calculated by dividing total distance travelled in a given period by the number of passengers
passenger pigeon
an extinct bird of the species Ectopistes migratorius
passenger pigeons
plural form of passenger pigeon
passenger ship
A ship whose primary function is to carry passengers
passenger ships
plural form of passenger ship
passenger train
A train whose primary function is to carry passengers
passenger car
a railcar where passengers ride
passenger car
coach, railroad car on which passengers ride
passenger mile
A unit of measurement of the passenger transportation performed by a railroad during a given period, usually a year, the total of which consists of the sum of the miles traversed by all the passengers on the road in the period in question
passenger mileage
Passenger miles collectively; the total number of miles traveled by passengers on a railroad during a given period
passenger pigeon
gregarious North American migratory pigeon now extinct
passenger pigeon
An extinct migratory bird (Ectopistes migratorius) abundant in eastern North America until the latter part of the 19th century. Extinct species (Ectopistes migratorius) of pigeon (subfamily Columbinae, family Columbidae). Passenger pigeons were about 13 in. (32 cm) long and had a long pointed tail; the male was pinkish, with a blue-gray head. Billions inhabited eastern North America in the early 19th century; migrating flocks darkened the skies for days at a time. Gunners began to slaughter them in huge numbers for shipping by railway carloads for sale in city meat markets. Martha, the last known passenger pigeon, died in 1914 in the Cincinnati Zoo. The bird's extinction was largely responsible for ending the marketing of game birds and gave major impetus to the conservation movement
passenger pigeon
extinct species of migratory pigeon that once inhabited all areas of North America
passenger plane
airplane carrying human passengers
passenger seat
the seat in the front of a vehicle next to the driver
passenger ship
ship or boat carrying people
passenger ship
a ship built to carry passengers
passenger station
{i} train station, place where a railroad train stops to pick up and leave passengers, train stop, railway station
passenger train
a train that carries passengers
passenger van
a van that carries passengers
foot passenger
A passenger on a ferry who does not have a car, or any other form of transport with them
air passenger
passenger travelling on an aircraft
departing passenger
traveler that is exiting (a plane, bus, taxi, etc.) after completing a journey
incoming passenger
traveler who is arriving
plural of passenger