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Englisch - Türkisch
küçük çayır alan

İnekler padoktan kaçtılar. - The cows escaped from the paddock.

küçük otlak
{i} kurbağa
{i} etrafı çevrili çayır
{i} otlak
{i} İng. (atlar için etrafı çevrili, küçük) çayır
ahıra yakın etrafı çevrili küçük çayır veya otlak
{i} karakurbağası
Englisch - Englisch
A frog or toad
Land, fenced or otherwise delimited which is most often part of a sheep or cattle property
An area where horses are paraded and mounted before a race and unsaddled after a race
A small enclosure or field of grassland, especially for horses
To provide with a paddock. To keep in, or place in, a paddock
an area at circuit where the racing vehicles are parked and worked on before and between races
{n} a large frog, toad, inclosure, a plant
pen where racehorses are saddled and paraded before a race
A grazing area that is a subdivision of a grazing management unit, and is enclosed and separated from other areas by a fence or barrier
An area where horses are saddled before a race
This term is for a small enclosure where horses turnout for grazing
{f} put into a pen, enclose in a paddock
A toad or frog
A small inclosure for pasture; esp
one adjoining a stable
A small enclosure or field of grassland, especially for horses or Tyannosaurs
an enclosed area for grazing animals
A paddock is a small field where horses are kept. The family kept horses in the paddock in front of the house
In horse racing or motor racing, the paddock is the place where the horses or cars are kept just before each race
A small inclosure or park for sporting
{i} enclosure; small field near a stable for pasturing or exercising animals; enclosed pen for saddling and mounting race horses; area at a racetrack where race cars receive final repairs before a race
Small enclosure in which horses are turned out for grazing
An enclosed area behind the pits in which the teams keep their transporters and motor homes There is no admission to the public
The main holding area for hounds due up next
A structural, positive control, individual animal activity area
The competitor's business, social and nerve centre, normally to be found behind the pits where the motorhomes are parked as a base for the teams and sponsors
Field, pasture or fenced range
heifer paddock
A paddock containing only heifers (the bulls being kept out)
heifer paddock
A girls' boarding school
long paddock
Stock routes and the sides of public roads viewed as a source of pasture for cattle, sheep, etc, in times of drought

2004: However, Bradford insists life on the long paddock is nowhere near as wild as it was at the height of the drought, when the routes were crawling with hungry stock and often being closed to prevent overgrazing. — Sydney Morning Herald, 10 April 2004, Time's up for the long paddock.

plural of paddock