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packet switch
(Bilgisayar) paket santralı
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A network in which a separate path is established for each packet (datagram) transmitted in the network
A communications network that uses shared facilities to route data packets from and to different users Unlike a circuit-switched network, a packet-switched network does not set up dedicated circuits for each session
A form of network where the computers on it communicate by breaking messages up into packets of data that include information about the sender, receiver, number of packets, etc This allows all the computers to share the network by taking turns sending packets; computers that receive packets not addressed to them send them on to the correct computer Protocols like TCP/IP allow the packets making up a single message to be sent in any order, by various routes, to the recipient computer, where they are reassembled into the message
packet-switched network
{i} network that establishes temporary connection between two or more points in order to transmit data packets (Telecommunications)