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A sterile stratum that lies above the stratum being investigated
To overload or overtax
The rock and subsoil that lies above a mineral deposit such as a coal seam
{v} to burdern or load too much
n: Layer of soil and rock overlying a mineral deposit, removed during surface mining
Layers of earth and rock covering a coal seam In surface mining operations, overburden is removed using large equipment and is either used to backfill areas previously mined or is hauled to external dumping areas
is in GEMIS a part of the solid wastes, characterizing the wastes from extraction of primary energies and raw materials
Rock which contains either no gold or gold in quantities that cannot be economically extracted Because such rock either lies on top of ore or is mixed in with the ore, overburden must be mined in advance of or at the same time as the ore is mined
the surface soil that must be moved away to get at coal seams and mineral deposits
The layer of fragmental and unconsolidated material including loose soil, silt, sand and gravel overlying bedrock, which has been either transported from elsewhere or formed in place
In mining, usually used to indicate worthless rocks or material covering a valuable vein; in placering, the non-gold bearing sand above bedrock where gold is concentrated
Layer of soil, sediment, and rock found over a mineral deposit This material is removed during the process of surface mining
Sediment or rock that overlies an economically useful deposit and which must be removed prior to mining that deposit
Earth that must be removed to reach a deposit of rock or other material to be quarried
burden with too much work or responsibility
sediment/soil/rock cover that has to be removed in order to mine a mineral ore deposit
an excessive burden
Soil or rock overlying a valuable mineral deposit
Geologic material of any nature, consolidated or unconsolidated, that overlies a deposit of useful materials As used by the Yucca Mountain Project, this is geologic material overlying the repository block
Unconsolidated (loose) soil overlying rock
is the backfill that was used to fill the waste sites at Hanford The overburden is excavated and sampled to determine if it is contaminated Clean overburden soil is used again as backfill Contaminated overburden soil is disposed at the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility The Remedial Design Report/Remedial Action Work Plan defines the shallow zone as 15 feet below the surface MTCA sets the sampling location for soil cleanup at 15 feet below the surface (Diagram) (BHI 1999) See also shallow zone and deep zone
– Layers of soil and rock covering a coal seam Overburden is removed prior to surface mining and replaced after the coal is taken from the seam
The strata of rock that lies above the zone of interest
Overlying layers of noncommercial sediments that must be removed to reach a mineral or coal deposit
The earth that lies above the phosphate matrix and must be removed before the matrix is mined It is later used for land reclamation
Material of any nature, consolidated or unconsolidated, that overlies a deposit of useful materials, ores, or coal
any material that covers a deposit of useful material or minerals
load with excessive weight
Material covering a mineral seam or bed that must be removed before the mineral can be removed in strip mining
The earth, rock, and other materials that lie above a desired ore or mineral deposit
means material of any nature, consolidated or unconsolidated, that overlies a coal deposit, excluding topsoil
Rock and soil cleared away before mining
The surface waste or worthless rock overlying a flat or moderately inclined economic deposit
The waste which overlies good stone in a quarry
To load with too great weight or too much care, etc
to give an organization, person, or system more work or problems than they can deal with
the surface soil that must be moved away to get at coal seams and mineral deposits burden with too much work or responsibility load with excessive weight
{f} burden excessively with weight or worry
overburden pressure
Overburden pressure, lithostatic pressure, and vertical stress are terms that denote the pressure or stress imposed on a layer of soil or rock by the weight of overlying material
Simple past tense and past participle of overburden
To overburden
past of overburden
If a system or organization is overburdened, it has too many people or things to deal with and so does not function properly. The city's hospitals are overburdened by casualties. an overburdened air traffic control system
heavily burdened with work or cares; "bowed down with troubles"; "found himself loaded down with responsibilities"; "overburdened social workers"; "weighed down with cares"
If you are overburdened with something such as work or problems, you have more of it than you can cope with. The Chief Inspector disliked being overburdened with insignificant detail. overburdened teachers
Excessively burdened
plural of overburden