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Englisch - Türkisch
{f} rütbece daha üst olmak
yüksek mevkide ol
(Askeri) ÜST OLMAK; KIDEMLİ OLMAK: Daha üs rütbe ve kıdemde olmak; rütbe ve kıdemce üst olmak
{f} -den daha yüksek rütbede olmak
{f} daha önemli olmak
(Askeri) kıdemli olmak
(Askeri) üst olmak
Englisch - Englisch
To be of a higher rank than
take precedence or surpass others in rank
To exceed in rank; hence, to take precedence of
{f} rank higher than; be superior in rank; have more military power than
If one person outranks another person, he or she has a higher position or grade within an organization than the other person. The most junior executive officer outranked the senior engineer officer aboard ship
past of outrank
present participle of outrank
third-person singular of outrank