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Türkisch - Türkisch
Bir motifin, genelde, pes seslerde, sürekli olarak tekrarlanması
Italienisch - Türkisch
taş kalpli
Englisch - Englisch
A piece of melody, a chord progression, or a bass figure that is repeated over and over as a musical accompaniment
(ostinati pl ): A repetitive phrase that can be used as an accompaniment
A short musical pattern – melodic, rhythmic, or harmonic - that is repeated persistently throughout a work or major section of a compostion [Form]
A ground bass
[oh-steh-nah-toh] (Italian) "Obstinate " A musical pattern repeated many times, one after another The pattern may be melodic, harmonic, or rhythmic A melodic ostinato repeated in the bass is called a ground bass
a repeated rhythmic or melodic pattern
A repeated melodic or rhythmic pattern, frequently appearing in the bass line
A short melodic or rhythmic pattern that is repeated over and over to form an accompaniment
– A repeated melodic of rhythmic pattern
the repetition of a rhythmic or melodic motif
A continually recurring rhythmic or melodic pattern
A short, persistently repeated melodic phrase
persistently repeated melodic or rhythmic pattern
a musical phrase repeated over and over during a composition
a grouping of notes that is repeated many times
A repeated rhythmic or tonal pattern, or both



    Türkische aussprache



    /ˌästəˈnäˌtō/ /ˌɑːstəˈnɑːˌtoʊ/


    [ "äs-t&-'nä-(")tO ] (noun.) circa 1876. Italian ostinato (“stubborn”).

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