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In the New York City area, a small theater with fewer than 300 seats, or a production in such a theater, usually away from the "Broadway" theater district, which operates under special rules from the theatrical unions, which permits mounting productions at a much lower cost

Costs what they are, even Neil Simon premiered a play off-Broadway.

Of or pertaining to an off-Broadway theater, or a production mounted in one

Little Shop of Horrors is probaby the most famous of the off-Broadway productions.

name of a theatrical group in New York
An off-Broadway play is less commercial and often more unusual than those usually staged on Broadway. an off-Broadway play is one that is performed outside the Broadway entertainment area in New York City and does not involve as much money as the famous plays on Broadway. Small-scale theatrical productions in New York City. The term was first used to refer to experimental plays produced on low budgets in small theatres, which provided an alternative to the commercially oriented Broadway theatres. Off-Broadway theatres grew in quality and importance after 1952, with the success of José Quintero's productions. Plays by Edward Albee, Sam Shepard, and Lanford Wilson were first produced off Broadway, as were avant-garde works by Eugène Ionesco, Samuel Beckett, and Harold Pinter. Many new plays are now staged in well-equipped Off-Broadway houses, and Off-Broadway theatre has its own set of awards, the Obies. As production costs increased, smaller and more experimental theatres emerged; these were quickly labeled Off-Off-Broadway
An off-Broadway theatre is located close to Broadway, the main theatre district in New York
low-budget theaters located outside the Broadway area in Manhattan
A New York City area off-Broadway-style show, but not operating under the aegis of the theatrical unions. These are generally very low budget, with limited casts and even more limited production values, performed in unconventional, ad hoc spaces
Of or pertaining to an off-off-Broadway production
off-off-off Broadway
An almost jocular term for theatrical productions performed in spaces remote from Manhattan, but nonetheless in the greater New York City area, and which otherwise fit the description of an off-off-Broadway show
off-off-off Broadway
Of or pertaining to an off-off-off-Broadway production, or to the space they are performed in