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Englisch - Türkisch
yanlış yolda; yanılmış
yanlış yolda
yoldan çıkmış
Englisch - Englisch
Alternative form of off base
located outside a military base; "off-base housing"
located outside a military base; "off-base housing
base off of
To base on
off base
Incorrect or inappropriate; not properly executed, envisioned, or understood

That partisan rhetoric may be heated, but it's not entirely off base.

off base
Mistaken; misguided; somewhat wrong in opinion or judgment

But he's off-base in describing the city as having record crime until he took office.

off base
Situated or happening outside the boundaries of a military base

A Virginia lawmaker wants to improve off-base living conditions for enlisted troops with families.

off base
Positioned somewhere between the bases, and hence vulnerable to being caught out

The hippo heard us, and, like a baseball player caught off base, tried to get back to the river.

Alternative form of off base