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believe it or not
You may not believe the following, but it is true

The descending opening phrase of the aria is, believe it or not, Tatyana’s Fate theme from her Letter Scene, though now in a minor, not major key: ….

believe it or not
you won't believe this but, what I'm about to tell you is unbelievable yet true
could not believe
was not able to believe, could not have faith in
did not believe it
could not believe it, refused to suppose or think it
not believe


    not be·lieve

    Türkische aussprache

    nät bîliv


    /ˈnät bəˈlēv/ /ˈnɑːt bɪˈliːv/


    ... people, and that means the military, second to none. I do not believe in cutting our military. ...

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