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A type of scarf
Part of the exhaust pipe of a car that dampens the noise the engine produces
{n} a kind of cover for the face or chin
The device which reduces the noise level of the enginex
A muffler is the same as a scarf
Mitten-like extension to the sleeve of a hauberk to cover the hand
Anything used in muffling; esp
A device attached to the exhaust outlet of the engine to reduce noise and increase back pressure which helps low speed performance
A device for controlling the noise of the exhaust gases before they are released into the air through the tailpipe
a scarf for protecting the head and neck in cold weather; a tippet
{i} device which deadens the noise of an automobile engine; scarf, shawl
One who muffles
An exhaust-system component that decreases the noise of vehicle operation
An often occurring, mitten/sleeve extension of a hauberk, with a hole at the wrist, that allowed the wearer to remove his hand
a device for reducing gas flow noise
a device attached to the exhaust stack of the engine to reduce noise and increase back pressure to help low speed performance
The part of the exhaust system that eliminates the engine's exhaust noise AMERICA'S CAR SHOW with Tom Torbjornsen provides this glossary of automotive terms so Joe Average can discuss car repair and maintenance with Technician Bob If you find a word or term you don't understand in Tom's Corner or the Forum, search for it here
A muffling devise to reduce decibels created by the engine
Any of various devices to deaden the noise of escaping gases or vapors, as a tube filled with obstructions, through which the exhaust gases of an internal-combustion engine, as on an automobile, are passed (called also silencer)
A chamber attached to the exhaust pipe in which the exhaust gases expand and cool It is usually fitted with baffles or porous plates that reduce or muffle the noise created by the exhaust
a scarf worn around the neck
A device attached to the exhaust stack of the engine to reduce noise and increase back pressure which helps low speed performance Note: Most R/C Clubs require the use of mufflers
A cushion for terminating or softening a note made by a stringed instrument with a keyboard
A muffler is a device on a car exhaust that makes it quieter
Installed on every Nitro-powered car, the muffler system traps exhaust gases from the engine case and provide pressure to the fuel tank while keeping noise levels to a minimum Tuned pipes are another type of exhaust system that provide more power than a muffler
a tubular acoustic device inserted in the exhaust system that is designed to reduce noise
The device in your exhaust system that quiets the roar of the exhaust A muffler is nothing more than a steel can full of baffles Some (the so-called "glass-pack" mufflers) use Fiberglas batting to soak up noise Mufflers rust out because exhaust is roughly 50 percent water vapor The further the muffler is located from the engine, the more prone it is to rapid rust-through because the water vapor has more time to cool and condense The best mufflers use metal that is galvanized on both sides "Aluminized" mufflers or those that use galvanized metal on the outside only are not as rust-resistant The worst (cheapest) mufflers are those with no protection at all Changing a muffler usually requires a hacksaw or chisel because the connections are either welded or corroded tight For what you'd save on a do-it-yourself muffler job, you might be better off taking it to a muffler shop
a device that decreases the amplitude of electronic, mechanical, acoustical, or aerodynamic oscillations
when stuffed
A kind of mitten or boxing glove, esp
muffler bearing
A mythical automotive part used in jokes and to gauge how inept the other person in a conversation is about auto mechanics
plural of muffler