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One who sells by deception; a con artist; a charlatan
To act as a mountebank

Chide me no more. I'll mountebank their loves,Cog their hearts from them, and come home beloved - Coriolanus, Wm. Shakespeare.

One who sells dubious medicines

There is nothing so impossible in Nature but mountebanks will undertake; nothing so incredible but they will affirm. - John Bull.

{n} the rise or ascent made by a hawk
{v} to cheat, gull, impose upon
a dishonest person who tricks and deceives people (montimbanco, from monta in banco ; because people selling things to the public stood on a raised surface)
To cheat by boasting and false pretenses; to gull
a flamboyant deceiver; one who attracts customers with tricks or jokes
Any boastful or false pretender; a charlatan; a quack
One who mounts a bench or stage in the market or other public place, boasts of his skill in curing diseases, and vends medicines which he pretends are infallible remedies; a quack doctor
{i} charlatan, impostor; person who sells counterfeit drugs from a public place, one who pretends to be a doctor giving phony medical advice
To play the mountebank
plural of mountebank
third-person singular of mountebank