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Englisch - Türkisch
{s} dağlarla ilgili
{s} dağ
dağlarda yaşayan veya yetişen
Englisch - Englisch
of, inhabiting, or growing in mountainous regions, especially cool, moist upland slopes below the timberline
Flora and fauna of a montane habitat

The wintergreens, and northern montanes such as Linnaea have their stronghold in these pinewoods and some of their rarity may be due to the reduction in the extent of the forest.

A high elevation region occurring below the subalpine
{s} living in mountainous areas, dwelling in mountains
of or inhabiting mountainous regions; "montane flowers
of or inhabiting mountainous regions; "montane flowers"
Occurring in mountainous regions
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of, inhabiting, or growing in mountainous regions
The biogeographic zone of relatively moist cool upland slopes below timberline It is characterized by large evergreen trees as a dominant life form
- The zone above the height at which trees naturally grow
pertaining to a mountainous region
Vegetation zone of the foothills and mountain valleys at low elevation where grassland mixes with evergreen forest
Pertaining to mountainous country