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Pamuk yada selülozik elyaftan yapılmış ipliklerle, genellikle dimi yada saten örgü ile dokunmuş sık ve çok sağlam bir kumaş
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A cotton twill fabric with a heavy velvety nap
clothing made of this fabric
The fur of a mole
Used to reduce friction, moleskin is a soft material that protects skin It is often used under casts or bandages or on the feet
a durable cotton fabric with a velvety nap
a kind of strong twilled fustian
{i} fur of a mole; type of twilled cotton fabric
Any fabric having a thick soft shag, like the fur of a mole; esp
A heavy sateen-weave fabric made on a five-end or an eight-end satin construction with the use of heavy, soft-spun filling The napped, sueded surface effect simulates the fur of a mole
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