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Minnesota, a state of the United States of America
{i} state in the north central USA
{i} metallic element used in the manufacture of steel (Chemistry)
MACRS Null and Void
a midwestern state
Mongolia (in Internet addresses). The symbol for the element manganese. the written abbreviation of Minnesota
a hard brittle gray polyvalent metallic element that resembles iron but is not magnetic; used in making steel; occurs in many minerals
Chemical symbol for Manganese
(1) A minor alarm classification, not necessarily a power alarm (2) A lead designation connecting between a self-contained alarm circuit and the office alarm frame signifying a minor audible alarm
Mainly new right of way
an HIV-1 strain belonging to clade B, the clade to which most HIV-1 found in North America and Europe belong MN is used in vaccine development (See also clade )
The two-character ISO 3166 country code for MONGOLIA
mental nerve
Medically Needy
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m n