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(isim) Miyosen
miocene epoch
(Coğrafya) miyosen evre
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The Miocene epoch
Of a geologic epoch within the Neogene period from about 23 to 5.3 million years ago; marked by the drift of continents to their present position
{i} prehistoric geological era characterized by the presence of grazing mammals
{s} of the Tertiary geological period (Geology)
The period of geologic time that began about 24 million years ago and ended approximately ten million years ago
A geological era lasting from approximately 25 to 5 million years ago
A epoch of the upper Tertiary period, spanning the time between 23 8 and 5 3 million years ago It is named after the Greek words "meion" (less) and "ceno" (new)
An epoch of the early Tertiary period, after the Oligocene and before the Pliocene; also, the corresponding worldwide series of rocks
See Chart of Geology
an era ranging from 2 million years ago to 65 million years ago
from 25 million to 13 million years ago; appearance of grazing mammals
The Miocene period
Of or pertaining to the middle division of the Tertiary
Miocene Epoch
Major division of the Tertiary Period, from
Miocene Epoch
8 to 5.3 million years ago. The extensive fossil record of terrestrial life during the Miocene provides a fairly complete picture of the development of vertebrates, especially mammals. Miocene mammals were essentially modern, and half of the known modern families are present in the Miocene record. The horse evolved, mainly in North America, and advanced primates, including apes, were present in southern Europe. Some interchange of faunas occurred in the Northern Hemisphere between the Old and New Worlds. Free communication was possible between Africa and Eurasia, but South America and Australia remained isolated
Miocene period
geological period during which the world's largest mountain ranges formed (approximately 23 million to 5 million years ago)



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    /ˈmīəˌsēn/ /ˈmaɪəˌsiːn/


    [ 'mI-&-"sEn ] (adjective.) 1831. mio- + -cene; more at MEIOSIS.

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