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Englisch - Türkisch
(Gıda) kremalı pasta
yumurta akı ve şekerle yapılan bir tür kurabiye
{i} beze
(isim) beze
pasta üzerine konan bir çeşit krema
i., ahçı
(turtanın üzerine konulduktan sonra pişirilen) çırpılmış yumurta akı, şeker v.b. karışımı, mereng
meringue apple
beze elma
meringue pie
beze pasta
orange meringue pie
(Gıda) portakallı mereng tartı
Englisch - Englisch
A mixture consisting of beaten egg whites and sugar which is added to the tops of pies then browned

The key to a good Baked Alaska is the meringue topping.

A shell of beaten egg whites with sugar which serves as the receptacle for fruit, ice cream or sherbet

Shirley particularly likes to have strawberry with her meringue.

A delicate pastry made of powdered sugar and the whites of eggs whipped up, with jam or cream added
A foam of beaten egg white and sugar Egg foams were used in pastries much earlier, but the name meringue came from a pastry chef named Gasparini in the Swiss town of Merhrinyghen In 1720, he created a small pastry of dried egg foam and sugar from which the simplified meringue evolved Its fame spread and Marie Antoinette is said to have prepared the sweet with her own hands at the Trianon in France
A mixture consisting of beaten eggwhites and sugar which is added to the tops of pies then browned
Egg whites that have been beaten with sugar to form a thick, stiff foam
A meringue is a mixture of beaten egg whites and sugar Meringues are often used as a topping--usually lightly browned in the oven--or baked separately Recipe: Pineapple Meringue Pie
Meringue is a mixture of beaten egg whites and sugar which is baked in the oven. a light sweet food made by mixing sugar and the white part of eggs together very quickly and then baking it
A mixture of stiffly beaten egg whites and granulated sugar
stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar baked either as small dollops and sandwiched together with cream or other mixture or used as a topping to a pie
A preparation made of baked beaten egg whites and sugar Different textures are obtained by varying the ways of mixing the sugar and the egg whites, and varying the baking time/temperature Meringue is most famously used to top lemon meringue tarts, but can also stand alone as a cookie when flavoured; try it at Fleudelys Patisserie
{i} delicate mixture of egg whites and sugar that is beaten stiff and browned in the oven and is usually used as a topping for pies and cakes, pastry made of a meringue shell that is filled with fruit or whipping cream
sweet topping especially for pies made of beaten egg whites and sugar
Whipped egg whites to which sugar has been added to form a stiff paste These are used to lighten mousses, cakes, and pastry creams Unsweetened versions are used to lighten forcemeats
A shell of beaten egg whites with sugar which serves as the receptacle for fruit, icecream or sherbert
{i} style of music developed in Haiti and the Dominican republic that is characterized by hand drums and percussion instruments; type of Caribbean dance
meringue kiss
made of sugar and egg white and baked slowly
lemon meringue pie
A pie made of meringue, pastry and lemon curd
lemon meringue pies
plural form of lemon meringue pie
lemon meringue pie
pie containing lemon custard and topped with meringue
plural of meringue





    [ m&-'ra[ng] ] (noun.) 1706. From French meringue, from Middle Dutch meringue (“light evening meal”), derivative of Middle Dutch *meren (“to dip or soak bread”), from Old Dutch *meren, from Proto-Germanic *marjanan (“to grind, pound”), from Proto-Indo-European *mer- (“to rub, pack”). Cognate with Middle Low German meringe (mern (“to dip bread in wine”)), Middle High German merunge (mëren (“to soak bread in wine or water for dinner”)), Old English merian (“to purify, cleanse, test”).

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