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A single tall standing stone as a monument, especially of prehistoric times

On the coast tree ferns and pandanus palms. Inland termite menhirs seventeen feet high.

Many, of unknown date, are found in Brittany and throughout Northern Europe
A huge stone probably erected by early peoples for religious, spiritual, or magickal reasons Mother: The aspect of the Goddess representing motherhood, mid-life, and fertility She is represented by the full moon, the egg, the colors red and green Her Sabbats are Midsummer and Lughnasadh Myth: Cycles Body of lore about any land or people that makes up their mythology New Age: The mixing of metaphysical practices with a structured religion New Religion: Pagan term used in reference to Christianity
the single standing stones found throughout Western Europe Their size varies and their shape is rough and squared, tapering toward the top
a tall upright megalith; found primarily in England and northern France
[arch] A large single standing stoneprehistoric and sometimes carved; best examples are those stones found at Stonehenge, in Britain
A tall standing stone
A prehistoric monument consisting of an upright monumental stone, left rough or sometimes partly shaped, and either standing alone or grouped with others
old word for a single standing stone
Type of ancient megalithic stone monument (see megalith). Menhirs were simple upright stones, sometimes of great size, erected chiefly in Western Europe. Arrangements of menhirs often form vast circles, semicircles, or ellipses. Many were built in Britain, the best-known sites being Stonehenge and Avebury in Wiltshire. Menhirs were also placed in parallel rows, called alignments, the most famous being the Carnac alignments in northwestern France, with 2,935 menhirs. These were probably used for ritual processions
a single upright rude monolith usually of prehistoric origin
"Long Stone " See Stonehenge
A standing stone probably lifted by early peoples for religious, spiritual, or magical reasons ~ Wicca : A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner - Scott Cunningham
{i} long upright stone placed as a monument in ancient times
A large stone set upright in olden times as a memorial or monument
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{n} menhir, long upright stone placed as a monument in ancient times, stone
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standing stone
Spanisch - Englisch
menhir, long upright stone placed as a monument in ancient times
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(Osmanlı Dönemi) (C.: Menâhir) Burun deliği
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yekpare taştan yapılmış abide
{i} taş anıt
{i} tek parça taş anıt





    [ 'men-"hir ] (noun.) 1840. From Breton maen-hir, from maen (“stone”) + hir (“tall”) ( = Welsh maen hir, Cornish mênhere).

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