memnun, mutlu, keyifli, hoşnut

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Türkisch - Englisch
Simple past tense and past participle of delight
Greatly pleased
past of delight
feelings If someone invites or asks you to do something, you can say that you would be delighted to do it, as a way of showing that you are very willing to do it. `You must come to Tinsley's graduation party.' --- `I'd be delighted.'. very pleased and happy delighted to do sth
If you are delighted, you are extremely pleased and excited about something. I know Frank will be delighted to see you He said that he was delighted with the public response. + delightedly de·light·ed·ly `There!' Jackson exclaimed delightedly
filled with wonder and delight
{s} joyful, happy
Endowed with delight
memnun, mutlu, keyifli, hoşnut