low profile

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Englisch - Türkisch
dikkat çekme siyaseti
Dikkat çekmeme davranışı
(deyim) a low profile ( genellikle keep...) dikkati cekmeme
dikkat çekmeme politikası
keep a low profile
dikkat çekmekten sakınmak
keep a low profile
k. dili dikkati çekmemeye çalışmak, sivri olmamaya çalışmak, göze batmamaya çalışmak
maintain low profile
(deyim) Dikkat çekmemeye çalışmak

"We urge them to monitor local news reports and maintain a low profile and vary their route and times and just be very, very security and safety conscious," she said.

keep a low profile
{k} göze çarpmamaya çalışmak
Englisch - Englisch
A SlideMaster unit designed to provide moderate load carrying capacity slide unit size and weight
* - A fixed vinyl frame that has less exposed vinyl than Hy-Lite's standard vinyl frame
Any crown of a cap that is LESS than 4” in height Not to be confused with UNSTRUCTURED
discreteness, barely noticeable presence or concealed activity
A design feature popular in fairway woods in which the face height of the club is generally 1 2" or less This provides a lower center of gravity for the club
Metal gas pump globe body for 15 inch or 16 5 inch lenses When viewed from the front, the body has a "low profile," allowing the lenses to be the more dominant visual feature
Describes drives built to the 3 5-inch form factor, which are only 1-inch high The standard form factor drives are 1 625-inches high
- Describes drives built to the 3 1/2- inch form factor, which are only 1 inch high The standard form factor drives are 1 625 inches high
A cap style with a low slope that is more closely fitted to the head Can either be structured or unstructured
keep a low profile to not go to places or be careful not to do anything that will attract attention to yourself or your actions   high profile
A conetop produced (with a couple of exceptions) from 1935 until 1942 by the Continental Can Company Its spout is shorter than that of the high profile or j-spout conetops (photo)
kept a low profile
remained inconspicuous, did not attract the attention of others
low medical profile
medical status of having limited physical ability
low profile


    low pro·file

    Türkische aussprache

    lō prōfayl


    /ˈlō ˈprōˌfīl/ /ˈloʊ ˈproʊˌfaɪl/


    [ 'lO ] (intransitive verb.) before 12th century. Middle English loowen, from Old English hlOwan; akin to Old High German hluoen to moo, Latin calare to call, summon, Greek kalein.

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