lost property

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Englisch - Türkisch
kayıp eşya
(Kanun) gaip edilen eşya
lost property found
(Kanun) lükata
lost property office
kayıp eşya bürosu
government property lost or damaged
Englisch - Englisch
Property that is found in such a state as to make it likely that the original owner unintentionally ceased to be in possession of the property, and would be unable to locate the property
A help desk or department in a store, mall, or other such facility where customers who have lost an item can inquire as to whether it has been found and turned in; a lost and found
Lost property is a place where lost property is kept. I was enquiring in Lost Property at Derby
Lost property consists of things that people have lost or accidentally left in a public place, for example on a train or in a school. Lost property should be handed to the driver
something that has been lost; (British) lost and found, place where lost items are kept until someone claims them
lost property restoration law
law which rules on lost and found items
identify lost property
claim a lost belonging by providing details about it to prove ownership
restoration of lost property
giving back of lost possessions to the owners
lost property


    lost prop·er·ty

    Türkische aussprache

    lôst präpırti


    /ˈlôst ˈpräpərtē/ /ˈlɔːst ˈprɑːpɜrtiː/


    [ 'lüz ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English losian to perish, lose, from los destruction; akin to Old English lEosan to lose; akin to Old Norse losa to loosen, Latin luere to atone for, Greek lyein to loosen, dissolve, destroy.

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