lost packet time

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Kayıp Paket Süresi
lost time
kaybedilen zamanı
lost time
(Ticaret) kaybedilen zaman
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lost time
The time during a given phase in which traffic could be discharging through the intersection, but is not This is the period during the green interval and change intervals that is not used by discharging traffic
lost time
Time planned for production operations that did not occur due to unscheduled problems such as machine downtime, material or personnel availability, or other situations
lost time
time spent by members, away from their regular job, on union business
lost packet time


    lost pack·et time

    Türkische aussprache

    lôst päkıt taym


    /ˈlôst ˈpakət ˈtīm/ /ˈlɔːst ˈpækət ˈtaɪm/

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