lose one's head temper

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lose one's head
To behave irrationally or to lose one's self-control, especially in a distressing situation

He never lost his head in a crisis, Mr. Mandela wrote of his comrade.

lose one's temper
to be explosively angry. To get very cross

When my dad found out I had failed the exams, he completely lost his temper.

lose one's head
panic, lose one's self control
lose one's temper
fail to maintain one's composure, lose one's self-control
lose one's head temper


    lose one's head tem·per

    Türkische aussprache

    luz wʌnz hed tempır


    /ˈlo͞oz ˈwənz ˈhed ˈtempər/ /ˈluːz ˈwʌnz ˈhɛd ˈtɛmpɜr/