light meter

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an exposure meter
Instrument used to measure the intensity of a light source or the light available at the subject Measured in Foot-Candles
A sensor used to measure light and indicate the ideal exposure settings
The built-in device that the point-and-shoot uses to measure light and determine the correct exposure setting
Tool that measures light in foot-candles then converts that reading to F-stops based on what speed of film you are using
The built-in device that your point and shoot camera uses to measure light and determine the correct exposure settings
device which measures the intensity of light
Is an alternate term for exposure meter
A light-sensitive measuring device used to evaluate the amount of light focused on a subject in order to set the proper exposure
an instrument used by a photographer to measure how much light there is
(See Exposure meter)
An instrument used to measure the amount of light reflected from or falling on a subject The measurement is usually expressed in shutter speed and aperture combinations that will render an acceptable exposure (Also known as an "Exposure meter ")
photographic equipment that measures the intensity of light
light meter