listen to the pronunciation of leniencyyumuşaklık
Türkisch - Englisch
lax; tolerant of deviation; permissive; not strict

But in other points, as well as this, I was growing very lenient to my master; I was forgetting all his faults, for which I had once kept a sharp look-out. It had formerly been my endeavour to study all sides of his character; to take the bad with the good; and from the just weighing of both, to form an equitable judgment. Now I saw no bad.

{a} assuasive, softening, mild, gentle
not harsh
{s} permissive, tolerant, indulgent, not strict
characterized by tolerance and mercy
A lenitive; an emollient
When someone in authority is lenient, they are not as strict or severe as expected. He believes the government already is lenient with drug traffickers Professor Oswald takes a sightly more lenient view. + leniently le·ni·ent·ly Many people believe reckless drivers are treated too leniently. not strict in the way you punish someone or in the standard you expect (present participle of lenire )
not strict; "an easy teacher"; "easy standards"; "lenient rules"
tolerant or lenient; "indulgent parents risk spoiling their children"; "procedures are lax and discipline is weak"; "too soft on the children"
Relaxing; emollient; softening; assuasive; sometimes followed by of
Mild; clement; merciful; not rigorous or severe; as, a lenient disposition; a lenient judge or sentence