kuvvetsiz, zayıf

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Türkisch - Englisch
(Tıp) weak
Regular in inflection, especially of verbs
One of the four fundamental forces associated with nuclear decay
Not possessing or manifesting intellectual, logical, moral, or political strength, vigor, etc
lacking physical strength or vigor used of verbs having standard (or regular) inflection having little physical or spiritual strength; "a weak radio signal"; "a weak link
Wanting in power to influence or bind; as, weak ties; a weak sense of honor of duty
A weak government or leader does not have much control, and is not prepared or able to act firmly or severely. The changes come after mounting criticism that the government is weak and indecisive The chief editorial writer also blames weak leadership for the current crisis. strong + weakly weak·ly the weakly-led movement for reform. + weakness weak·ness Officials fear that he might interpret the emphasis on diplomacy as a sign of weakness
referring to a very mild shaking during an earthquake; in most cases not even felt
{s} frail, feeble; having little physical strength; enervated; faint; dilute, watery (as a weak coffee or tea); powerless; lacking volume or loudness (as a weak pulse); falling or declining in price (Finance); not emphasized, unstressed (of a word, a syllable or vowel)
If someone has an organ or sense that is weak, it is not very effective or powerful, or is likely to fail. Until the beating, Cantanco's eyesight had been weak, but adequate She tired easily and had a weak heart
To make or become weak; to weaken
Not thoroughly or abundantly impregnated with the usual or required ingredients, or with stimulating and nourishing substances; of less than the usual strength; as, weak tea, broth, or liquor; a weak decoction or solution; a weak dose of medicine
Thin sounding, no dynamics, reduced lows In an AlNiCo magnet speaker, it usually means the magnet has been partially demagnetized If the speaker has been reconed, it may not have been recharged, or remagnetized, since many reconers don't own or have access to a magnetizer
Lacking in force or ability
If an object or surface is weak, it breaks easily and cannot support a lot of weight or resist a lot of strain. The owner said the bird may have escaped through a weak spot in the aviary Swimming is helpful for bones that are porous and weak. strong
Feeble of mind; wanting discernment; lacking vigor; spiritless; as, a weak king or magistrate
easily impressed, moved, or overcome; accessible; vulnerable; as, weak resolutions; weak virtue
If you describe someone as weak, you mean that they are not very confident or determined, so that they are often frightened or worried, or easily influenced by other people. You have been conditioned to believe that it is weak to be scared. strong + weakness weak·ness Many people felt that admitting to stress was a sign of weakness
Not able to sustain a great weight, pressure, or strain; as, a weak timber; a weak rope
used of vowels or syllables; pronounced with little or no stress; "a syllable that ends in a short vowel is a light syllable"; "a weak stress on the second syllable"
kuvvetsiz, zayıf