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nakavt et
Englisch - Englisch
a local shape to which the ko rule applies, a ko shape

Black gets an easy game by just filling the ko.

ko fight

Black wins the ko easily.

a stone in a ko in atari, a ko stone

Black recaptures the ko and white has to find another ko threat.

KO is an abbreviation for knockout. 34 of his wins were KO's. the abbreviation of knockout. to hit someone so hard that they become unconscious
A knock out
To knock somebody out, to render somebody unconscious
{i} family name; first name
{i} knockout (in boxing)
a blow that renders the opponent unconscious
zero, nothing
A board position which requires a player to make a move elsewhere before recapturing after the opponent has just captured a stone, to avoid recreating a former board position One of the key strategic elements of the game
Contracting Officer
(knee orthosis) - Encompasses the knee only
Ko is a situation involving capture and immediate recapture Ko is illegal without another move first, elsewhere on the board, since a board position can't be repeated twice In the example to the right you see white has just taken blacks stone Black can not return the take and thus must move elsewhere
knowledge organization
Flower maiden - a pet name for Koi in Japan
ZH-HK [kou]
"old," "historical " Used as a prefix, as in Kogaratsu (old Karatsu ware), Koseto (old Seto ware) Koimari (old Imari ware), and so on
The ko rule in the board game go which prevents the player from causing the board position after his move to be the same as after his previous move
A single stone capture-recapture situation that can lead to position repetition, as in Figure 3