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Despite all the attention focused on Beth, when Gossip performs, they are without doubt a band: Nathan and Hannah Billie, the drummer, being just as cartoon charismatic as Beth herself, though perhaps less likely to strip to their knicks and dive-bomb the crowd.

Alan Whickers
A mild exclamation of annoyance
Women's underpants

The debate here is not over whether raising £26,000 (and counting) for our troops is a wonderful thing – it unarguably is – but over whether, whenever times are tough and money must be found, our default reaction as women should be to take off our knickers to help out?.

A fairly mild exclamation of annoyance
Baggy trousers worn by golfers in the 1930s They were called "plus fours" because they were cut off four inches below the knee, then tucked into long socks Plus fours have disappeared from golf courses, and the only golfing apparel anything like them that exists today is a much more appealing form of attire, worn by women, known as "minus tens "
Knickers are a piece of underwear worn by women and girls which have holes for the legs and elastic around the waist to hold them up. She bought Ann two bras and six pairs of knickers
The form knicker is used as a modifier
trousers ending above the knee
Womens panties
loose-fitting short pants gathered at the knee
If someone is getting their knickers in a twist about something, they are getting annoyed or upset about it without good reason
(usually in the plural) underpants worn by women; "she was afraid that her bloomers might have been showing"
{i} short pants that are gathered at the knee; underpants, underwear (British)
pants that end just below the knee where they are gathered to a band or strap