kısa süreli konuk

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Türkisch - Englisch
Remaining for only a brief time
A person who passes through a place for a short time; a traveller; a migrant worker

Then, within the space of a few months, there were more transients than there were locals, and the imbalance seemed morally wrong.

Operating beyond itself; having an external effect (antonym: immanent)
one who or that which is only of temporary existence
A high amplitude, short duration pulse superimposed on the normal voltage wave form or ground line
A temporary change in steady state conditions when one parameter, such as load, is changed
a student regularly enrolled at another college or university who has written permission to attend USCA for a specific term
A short surge of current or voltage, often occurring before steady-state conditions have become established
– Spike or step change in a power supply parameter Commonly used in describing input line and output load characteristics
A transient phenomenon, especially an electric current; a very brief surge
Short duration change in a functional or environmental parameter
Something which is transient
a phenomenon caused by a sudden change in conditions that persist for relatively short time after the change
A voltage of short duration Often used to describe extraneous voltages appearing on the signal lines resulting from lightning and similar disturbances
Hasty; momentary; imperfect; brief; as, a transient view of a landscape
of a mental act; causing effects outside the mind
An abnormal and irregular electrical event, such as a surge
A keyword in the Java programming language that indicates that a field is not part of the serialized form of an object When an object is serialized, the values of its transient fields are not included in the serial representation, while the values of its non-transient fields are included 1
Staying for a short time; not regular or permanent; as, a transient guest; transient boarders
{i} provisional, temporary, impermanent
kısa süreli konuk