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Englisch - Türkisch
Kıpır kıpır
Englisch - Englisch
Being extravagant, wonderful, excellent, enjoyable, exciting, stylish, cool, successful
Of or pertaining to a jig
Being jittery, fidgety, restless, excited

If I was too jiggy to hold the syringe, he'd shoot me up.

Being crazy

He's gone completely jiggy.

Having fun, enjoying oneself totally; losing one's inhibitions, especially when dancing or performing to music

When Ally McBeal's writers decided to have ...Calista Flockhart get jiggy with an imaginary dancing baby....

get jiggy a) to dance with a lot of energy to popular music b) to have sex
{i} (Slang) money, riches, wealth
{s} excited; involved with; involved with in a sexual manner
get jiggy
To have sexual intercourse

He told that girl he wants to get jiggy with her.