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Lacking matter; empty; devoid of substance
Naive; simplistic
Not nutritious
{a} hungry, dry, flat, unaffecting, trifling
displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity; "adolescent insecurity"; "jejune responses to our problems"; "their behavior was juvenile"; "puerile jokes"
lacking interest or significance; "an insipid personality"; "jejune novel"
Lacking matter; empty; void of substance
lacking in nutritive value; "the jejune diets of the very poor"
disapproval If you describe something or someone as jejune, you are criticizing them for being very simple and unsophisticated. They were of great service in correcting my jejune generalizations
{s} boring, uninteresting; immature, juvenile; lacking knowledge, inexperienced; lacking nutritive value
If you describe something or someone as jejune, you mean they are dull and boring. We knew we were in for a pretty long, jejune evening
Void of interest; barren; meager; dry; as, a jejune narrative