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Englisch - Türkisch
iyi vaziyette
slang işler tıkırında
argo yolunda
yeterli olan
Englisch - Englisch
A male given name

Her attendant - Jake, she had called him, which seemed an appropriate name for a redheaded, no-neck redneck with the muscles of a dedicated weight lifter - - -.

A juvenile male turkey

The spring turkey woods are occupied by roaming bands of jakes — year-old males with strong mating urges but inferior body size.

Adequate; satisfactory; acceptable

Last week I was a bit down on my luck, but now everything's jake.

given name, male
{i} male first name (form of Jacob)
Suitable or satisfactory; fine
jake brake
Especially on trucks, an engine compression brake that closes the valves in an engine in order to slow the vehicle; an engine retarder

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    /ˈʤāk/ /ˈʤeɪk/


    [ 'jAk ] (adjective.) 1914. Originally a medieval variant of Jack, derived from John; today also used as a diminutive form of Jacob and James.


    ... Jake? ...
    ... JAKE PORWAY: And I think that's something that you're ...

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