ismi diğer, kısaca, diğer söylenişi ile

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Türkisch - Englisch

from English (also known as).

Also known as
also known as A-T ataxia telangiectasia
Red belt in sparring
also uses the name of, also going by the name of
Also known as Used in contracts when a person uses more than one name In other words, an alias
A dark form of Akamuji which is the all-red Koi of the Kohaku It means the same as Beni
Above Knee Amputee
aka is an abbreviation for `also known as'. aka is used especially when referring to someone's nickname or stage name. the writer Barbara Vine, aka Ruth Rendell. also known as. also known as used when giving someone or something's real name together with a different name they are known by
Red Often used in kumite (fighting) competition where one competitor wears a red belt and the other a white belt The officials then refer to the competitors by the colour of their belt See also Shiro
"Also known as" - if a person has some interest in real property by one name, but also uses another name Example: MARY JONES aka MARY HARDING JONES
An acronym for "automated knowledge acquisition " Refers to the use of programs to create knowledge needed by other programs (usually expert systems)
Apple Knowledge Archive http: //karchive info apple com/
ismi diğer, kısaca, diğer söylenişi ile