insurance contract

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A contract that allows for contributions to be invested in insurance policies and for the insurance company to pay the benefits In certain instances, it may contain all the plan provisions and, in effect, represent the plan document, although the insurance contract is usually subordinate to the plan document
The legally binding unilateral agreement between an insurance company and a policyowner (See also: contract of insurance and insurance policy )
Contract in which the insurance company undertakes a legal obligation to pay out benefits to the insured person or to a beneficiary in return for a premium, if a stipulated peril materialises
The written contract or insurance policy between the insured and the insurer detailing the coverage provided, exclusions and limitations, conditions in case of loss, and other details pertinent to the terms of the agreement
A legal document defining circumstances under which the insurer will pay, and the amount to be paid Also see Insurance policy
insurance contract


    insur·ance con·tract

    Türkische aussprache

    înşûrıns kınträkt


    /ənˈsʜo͝orəns kənˈtrakt/ /ɪnˈʃʊrəns kənˈtrækt/

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