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(İnşaat) tetikleyici
önayak olan kimse
başlatan kimse
neutron initiator
(Çevre) nötron başlatıcısı
Englisch - Englisch
A material whose presence in the body eventually leads to cancer
A task (in a mainframe computer) that initiates multiple jobs
A substance that initiates a chain reaction or polymerization
One who initiates
- A SCSI device that requests another SCSI device to perform an operation A common example of this is a system requesting data from a drive The system is the initiator and the drive is the target
The first principal in a delegation "call chain"; the only participant in the call
A server or workstation on a Fibre Channel network that initiates transactions to tapes or disks
A device that begins a SCSI transaction by issuing a command to another device giving it a task to perform Typically a SCSI host adapter is the initiator but targets may also become initiators
Any agent which starts the process of tumour formation, usually by action on the genetic material, is called an initiator
the UDI module that initiates a channel operation request The other end of the channel is known as the responder or provider
The initiator of a plan or process is the person who was responsible for thinking of it or starting it. one of the major initiators of the tumultuous changes in Eastern Europe. someone who thinks of and starts a new plan or process initiator of
– Device connected to a SCSI bus that is currently designated as the bus master
Peroxides used as sources of free radicals They are used in free-radical polymerizations, for curing thermosetting resins, as cross-linking agents for elastomers and poly-ethylene, and for polymer modification
In order for the monomer to become a polymer it requires the help of an initiator, found in the acrylic powder, to cause a chemical reaction The initiator causes the monomers to link up to each other forming a hard substance we know as acrylic
SCSI device (usually a host system) that requests an operation to be performed by another SCSI device, the target
The client that starts a TNS connection by sending a connection request The initiator of the connection requires some data or service of the destination
A chemical added to help start a chemical reaction such as polymerization or curing
A user who creates and submits an Inquiry or Offer Inquiries to Me A list of all Inquiries created by other iSteelAsia com users that fit a user's Selling Preferences Inquiry A non-binding request to other iSteelAsia com users indicating an interest to buy steel based on stated terms Items Awaiting your Action Items Awaiting your Action: Any negotiation that is ongoing to which the other trading party has responded and is awaiting a response
a SCSI device that requests another SCSI device (a target) to perform an operation; usually a host computer acts as an initiator and a peripheral device acts as a target
A line-segment or figure that begins as the beginning geometric shape for a fractal The initiator is then replaced by the generator for the fractal
a person who initiates a course of action
Is the host SCSI Adapter
The substance which provides a source of free radicals for the initiation of a free radical polymerisation This is usually achieved by thermal decomposition: I-I-2i e g of a peroxide
With reference to L-systems, an initiator is the input string That is to say, it could be anything from rddlu to The initiator is altered by the generator in an L-system
{i} promoter, instituter; starter, beginner
A chemical added to help start a chemical reaction such as polymerization Its action is similar to that of a catalyst, except that it is usually consumed in the reaction
The initial client in a delegation call chain
The person proposing to buy or replace a product
A relatively unstable molecule that decomposes into a free radical Used to "initiate" a polymer growth reaction
For Bluetooth, the device that initially requests communication
plural of initiator



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    /ˌənəˈsʜēātər/ /ˌɪnɪˈʃiːeɪtɜr/


    [ i-'ni-shE-"At ] (transitive verb.) circa 1573. Late Latin initiatus, past participle of initiare, from Latin, to induct, from initium.

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