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Englisch - Türkisch
kuluçkaya yatmak
{f} kafasında (plan) kurmak
kuluçkaya yatırmak
kuluçkaya yat
kuluçkaya yatırarak veya suni araçlarla civciv çıkarmak
belleğinde tasarlamak
kafasında kurmak
{f} tasarlamak
{f} üretmek

Yumurtaları yapay olarak üretmek zorunda olacaksın. - You will have to incubate the eggs artificially.

tıb bir hastalığın bedene girmesiyle belirtisinin meydana çıkması arasındaki zaman boyunca gelişmek düşün/kuluçkaya
(Tıp) Bir hastalığın bedene girmesiyle arazının meydana çıkması arasındaki müddet zarfında gelişmek (mikroplar)
kuluçkaya yat,kuluçkaya yatır
{f} civciv çıkarmak
incubate, brood, hatch eggs
incubate, yavru, yumurtadan yumurta
inkübe etmek
to incubate
kuluçkaya yatırmak
to incubate
kafasında kurmak
Englisch - Englisch
To incubate metaphorically; to ponder an idea slowly and deliberately as if in preparation for hatching it
To brood, raise, or maintain eggs, organisms, or living tissue through the provision of ideal environmental conditions
To warm an egg so it can hatch
sit on (eggs); "Birds brood"; "The female covers the eggs"
the period of time from when the eggs are laid to when they hatch
develop under favorable conditions, such as germs and bacteria
When birds incubate their eggs, they keep the eggs warm until the baby birds come out. The birds returned to their nests and continued to incubate the eggs. + incubation in·cu·ba·tion Male albatrosses share in the incubation of eggs
When a germ in your body incubates or is incubated, it develops for a period of time before it starts making you feel ill. The virus can incubate for up to ten days after the initial infection. + incubation in·cu·ba·tion The illness has an incubation period of up to 11 days
To incubate metaphorically; to ponder an idea slowly and deliberately as if in preperation for hatching it
To keep eggs warm so that their embryos develop and hatch The adult birds incubate the eggs by sitting on them They also turn the eggs with their beaks from time to time
To sit, as on eggs for hatching; to brood; to brood upon, or keep warm, as eggs, for the purpose of hatching
to warm (eggs) as by bodily heat, so as to promote embryonic developmment and the hatching of young
To incubate is to artificially warm (and hatch eggs) by maintaining conditions similar to body heat
To maintain eggs, sperm or embryos under controlled conditions (temperature, humidity and gaseous environment) favorable for development
Of a hen, to sit on and hatch eggs (Morris 1992)
{f} sit on eggs in order to hatch them; hatch eggs; keep warm to promote development and growth; develop, grow, mature; (in Canada and the USA) support and assist a new development of small business
In context here, to allow a starter to sit in conditions which favor the growth of its microorganisms
{v} to sit upon eggs, brood, hatch
past of incubate
third-person singular of incubate
present participle of incubate