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Want or lack of comprehension or understanding; inability to understand

As a guest lecturer in Nelson's class, Miller ran through his ideas for a Xanadu-like software system. Afterward, he was approached by one of the students, Stuart Greene. Miller asked Greene what the reaction to his ideas had been. Not so good, Greene informed him. As always, the class had listened in dumb incomprehension. They seldom understood what Nelson was talking about, and when Miller launched into a similar enthusiastic tirade, their response, Greene laughed, was Oh, no, we can't believe there's another one!.

Incomprehension is the state of being unable to understand something or someone. Rosie had a look of incomprehension on her face. the state of not being able to understand something
{i} lack of understanding; inability to understand, failure to comprehend
Want of comprehension or understanding
an inability to understand; "his incomprehension of the consequences
an inability to understand; "his incomprehension of the consequences"