listen to the pronunciation of incitementteşvik
Türkisch - Englisch
v. to deliberately make someone feel so angry or excited that they do something bad.- One man was jailed for inciting a riot
to rouse to a particular action
To rouse, stir up or excite
If someone incites people to behave in a violent or illegal way, they encourage people to behave in that way, usually by making them excited or angry. He incited his fellow citizens to take their revenge The party agreed not to incite its supporters to violence They pleaded guilty to possessing material likely to incite racial hatred. to deliberately encourage people to fight, argue etc (inciter, from citare )
urge on; cause to act; "They other children egged the boy on, but he did not want to throw the stone through the window"
provoke or stir up; "incite a riot"; "set off great unrest among the people"
To move to action; to stir up; to rouse; to spur or urge on
provoke or stir up; "incite a riot"; "set off great unrest among the people
give an incentive for action; "This moved me to sacrifice my career"
{f} inflame, provoke; stimulate, rouse to action