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of, or relating to hot water
of or relating to emanations of hot water that are rich in minerals, or to the rocks formed from them
pertaining to heated water which transports minerals in solution
Pertaining to the hot waters that move below Earth's surface and cause chemical and physical modifications to the rock through which they flow
pertaining to the action of hot aqueous solutions or gases within or on the surface of the earth
Produced by extremely hot water Hydrothermal fluids, typically 100 to 300 degrees celsius, are the last watery remnants of molten rock that solidified deep in the Earth's crust John Comer, Indiana Geological Survey
Hot fluids, usually mainly water, sometimes acidic which may carry metals andother compounds in solution to the site of ore deposition or wall rock alteration
These fluids can be either water or steam trapped in fractured or porous rocks; they are found from several hundred feet to several miles below the Earth's surface The temperatures vary from about 32 deg C to 360 deg C (90 deg F to 680 deg F) but roughly 2/3 range in temperature from 65 5 deg C to 121 1 deg C (150 deg F to 250 deg F) The latter are the easiest to access and, therefore, the only forms being used commercially
Of or pertaining to hot water, to the action of hot water, or to the products of this action, such as mineral deposits precipitated from a hot aqueous solution
{s} of or pertaining to the activity of solutions and heated gases on the surface of the earth (Geology)
with reference to the action of heated waters in dissolving, redepositing, and otherwise producing mineral changes within the crust of the globe
Of or pertaining to hot water; used esp
Hydrothermal refers to hot water and steam rich in dissolved minerals which may pass through cracks and fissures in the rock and leave behind 'hydrothermal' veins of deposited minerals
hydrothermal vent
a hot spring, on the floor of the ocean, mostly along the central axes of the mid-ocean ridges, where heated fluids emerge from fissures in the Earth's crust
hydrothermal ore deposit
Any concentration of metallic minerals formed by the release of solids from hot mineral-laden water (hydrothermal solution). The solutions are thought to arise in most cases from the action of deeply circulating water heated by magma. Another source of heating that may be involved includes energy released by radioactive decay
(Geology) in a hydrothermal manner (of or pertaining to the activity of solutions and heated gases on the surface of the earth)



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    /ˌhīdrōˈᴛʜərməl/ /ˌhaɪdroʊˈθɜrməl/


    [ "hI-dr&-'th&r-m&l ] (adjective.) 1849. International Scientific Vocabulary.

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