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having an affinity for water; able to absorb, or be wetted by water
Having a strong affinity (liking) for water The opposite of hydrophobic
a chemical environment favoring the attraction of water or materials which are miscible in water Hydrophilic materials are characterized by strong dipole moments They are basically immiscible with organophilics
Literally, "water-loving"; polar or charged compounds that are soluble in water
Having a strong affinity for water
Absorbs water readily
`water-loving', typically polar molecules or parts of molecules are hydrophilic as they are attracted to water molecules which are polar Compare hydrophobic
Having strong affinity for - or the ability to absorb - water (moisture)
Water loving or having a strong affinity for water
of, relating to, or having a strong affinity for water; easily wettable
having a strong affinity for water; tending to dissolve in, mix with, or be wetted by water
also hydroscopic, having an affinity for water Some polar compounds are simultaneously hydrophilic and oil soluble
Describing a molecule or part of a molecule that has an affinity for water
Materials having large molecules that absorb and retain water, causing them to swell and frequently to gel
Water loving Readily dissolves in water The degree of hydrophilicity is variable
Having strong affinity for water
Substance which absorbs or exhibits affinity for water; wettable
Having a strong attraction to water Hydrophilic molecules are soluble in water and travel with the groundwater
"Water-liking;" having a strong affinity for water Substances that can interact favorably with polar water molecules
Having an affinity for water and aqueous solutions
A descriptive term applied to the group or radical of a surfactant molecule that makes or tends to make it soluble in water Associated with the hydrophilic portion of a surfactant molecule is the opposite hydrophobic (water-hating) portion
Literally, water-loving Describes polar groups that attract water molecules
"Water loving"; describes a molecule which is attracted to water
{s} having an affinity for water
Attracted to water: water soluble
An affinity for water
Term given to a substance that is soluble in water



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    /ˌhīdrəˈfələk/ /ˌhaɪdrəˈfɪlɪk/


    [ "hI-dr&-'fi-lik ] (adjective.) 1916. New Latin hydrophilus, from Greek hydr- + -philos -philous.

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