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biri etkilenmiş ve diğeri tabii olan iki laser ışınının çarpıştırılması sonucu meydana gelen ve üç boyutlu resim verebilen negatif
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Doğru ışıklandırma altında, nesnelerin gerçekte olduğu gibi, farklı açılardan görülebildiği üç boyutlu görüntüler
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A three-dimensional image of an object created by holography
an attribute of the Universe, which makes it possible to multiply the structure of the Universe onto all evolving things Holography creates its own time and space for each level of existence It is what exactly needed for evolution on these levels to occur Actually, all physical objects exist just inside the holographic reality of the Universe
– photographic recording of the interference pattern produced by a combination of reference and object beams resulting in the formation of an image without the use of a lens
A three-dimensional version of a photograph produced by interference pat- terns of laser beams
An interference phenomena captured on a plate (or film) It can contain enormous amount of information and a 3 dimensional image can be constructed from it
{i} three dimensional image
A hologram is a three-dimensional photographic image created by laser beams. a kind of photograph made with a laser that looks as if it is not flat when you look at it from an angle (holos + -gram)
A three-dimensional ver­sion of a photograph produced by interference patterns of laser beams
a three-dimensional record of visual information
A three dimensional image; unlike regular images which are usually two dimensional, a three dimensional image or hologram, appears to "pop out" of the media which it is printed on or illuminated from. Hologram images are usually created by using a single laser beam which is split and splashed onto the object and finally onto the film
(a 3rd dimensional image of an illusion, which when seen by some 3rd dimensional beings is not seen as an illusion)
A flat optical image that looks three-dimensional to the naked eye
A three-dimensional photograph or illustration, created with an optical process that uses lasers
A laser-created photograph that creates a three-dimensional image; used as an anti-counterfeiting measure on bankcards
A stored set of interference "ridge patterns" that appear in a medium These ripples are resultant from the mixing of groups of vibrating electromagnetic fields Holographic pertains to having characteristics of which if energy is played into such, a very close representation of the original experience will be obtained Interference patterns can be demonstrated in a bowl of water They are noted when an object touches the surface near the center and ripples travel outward to the edge, bounce off and travel back, interfering with waves traveling out from the object’s impulse
Unlike photography which records an image as seen from a single viewpoint, a hologram is a record of an image as seen from many viewpoints
3-D image recorded on film, and recreated by the process of diffraction (see FAQ)
A unique photographic printing that provides a three-dimensional effect on a flat surface Holograms cannot be easily copied and are used for security and aesthetic purposes on cards
the intermediate photograph (or photographic record) that contains information for reproducing a three-dimensional image by holography
An interferometric method of recording information about the three-dimensional nature of an object which relies on preserving both the amplitudes and phases of the wavefronts which reach the detector, instead of merely the amplitudes Hologram means "whole record" The basic principle was outlined by D Gabor in 1948
Refers to the foil character sticker applied to some orange carded and later all first wave green carded figures
A special kind of image-producing transparency If any part of a hologram is illuminated, one sees the full image of the original object, and not just a portion of the image, as one would get with a partially illuminated photographic image The image formed by a partially illuminated hologram is somewhat less detailed than when one uses the complete hologram, but the point is that essential information about the Whole is contained in each of its so-called Parts
A three-dimensional picture that is made on a photo sensitive glass plate using a laser as the light source From this plate a shim is made and the image is stamped into a metallic foil
A laser-generated image with three-dimensional properties, increasingly used to deter counterfeiting of currency, credit cards, and identification
A ghostlike, three-dimensional picture normally produced by a laser
ID hologram
A type of treatment of ID cards to protect them against being counterfeited


A hologram
plural of hologram
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    /ˈhäləˌgram/ /ˈhɑːləˌɡræm/


    [ 'hO-l&-"gram, 'hä- ] (noun.) 1949. Greek Όλος (holos) "whole" + γραμμή (gramme) "letter, line," coined in 1964 by Hungarian-born British scientist Dennis Gabor, the 1971 Nobel prize winner in physics for his work in holography

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