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A migratory laborer
A homeless, usually penniless person, in some way associated with a life along the rails
A tramp, vagabond; hence bum
To be a hobo, tramp, bum etc

Joe idly hoboed through half the country till he realized hoboing never gets you anywhere in life.

{i} tramp, unemployed worker, beggar
in an informal style, as in a hobo jacket or purse; or hobo style parking (i.e., first come, first served); or hobo stew (made of whatever ingredients are available)
A hobo is a worker, especially a farm worker, who goes from place to place in order to find work. hobos someone who travels around and has no home or regular job British Equivalent: tramp
A professional tramp; one who spends his life traveling from place to place, esp
by stealing rides on trains, and begging for a living
a disreputable vagrant; "a homeless tramp"; "he tried to help the really down-and-out bums"
a homeless person in some way associated with a life on the rails
A hobo is a person who has no home, especially one who travels from place to place and gets money by begging
hobo jungle
collectively, the places where homeless people live and sleep
hobo spider
any of a number of poisonous funnel web spiders, especially Tegenaria agrestis, indigenous to Europe
hobo jungle
During the Great Depression, many wanderers (hoboes and tramps) would settle for the night in groups. These areas would be known as hobo jungles. To jungle-up is to camp out for the evening in the company of other like companions of the road
hobo camp
a place where hoboes camp