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O, düştüğünde kendisini incitti. - He hurt himself when he fell.

Tom ateşle kendisini ısıttı. - Tom warmed himself by the fire.


O kendi kendineHAYIRdedi.Yüksek sesle EVET dedi. - He said NO to himself. He said YES aloud.

Kendisine Fransızca öğretti. - He taught himself French.


Bizzat gelmesine gerek yoktu. - He needn't have come himself.

Tom asla bizzat yardım edemezdi. - Tom never could help himself.

eril kendisi
kendi eliyle

Tom özür diledi ve odadan ayrıldı. - Tom excused himself and left the room.

Tom özür dileyip, gitti. - Tom excused himself and left.

(eril) kendisi

Kendisine HAYIR dedi. Yüksek sesle EVET dedi. - He said NO to himself. He said YES aloud.

Kendisine Fransızca öğretti. - He taught himself French.


Kendinden emin gözüküyordu. - He seemed sure of himself.

Tom bugün tamamen kendinde değil. - Tom isn't quite himself today.

eril kendi

O, kendini koşullara uydurdu. - He adapted himself to circumstances.

O bulunduğu duruma kendini alıştıramaz. - He can't accommodate himself to his circumstances.

Kendinde değil

Tom bugün tamamen kendinde değil. - Tom isn't quite himself today.

Tom son birkaç gün kendinde değildi. - Tom hasn't been himself the last few days.


Bazen büyük babam kendi başına bırakıldığında, kendi kendine konuşur. - Sometimes my grandfather talks to himself when left alone.

Kendi kendine şöyle dedi: Bu operasyon başarıyla sonuçlanacak mı? - He said to himself, Will this operation result in success?

eril o
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by himself
kendi kendine
by himself
by himself
yalnız başına
defend himself
kendini savunmak
give himself up
kendini feda etmek
witness against himself
(Kanun) kendi aleyhine tanıklık
assert himself
kendini göster
defend himself
kendini savun
take sb out of himself
yüzünü güldürmek
take sb out of himself
accepted himself
kendini kabul
acquainted himself with
kendini tanıma
as himself
kendisi gibi
at peace with himself / herself
kendisi ile barışık olmak
endangered himself
kendini tehlikede
exerted himself
kendini exerted
he himself
put so. beside himself
koymak o kadar. kendisi yanında
resigned himself
kendisi istifa etti
stuffed himself
kendisi doldurulmuş
take sb out of himself
neşelendirmek, yüzünü güldürmek
to check himself in time
zamanında kendini kontrol etmek
He is not himself
Kendinde değil
he let himself go
açtı ağzını yumdu gözünü
leave him by himself
(Konuşma Dili) bırak işine karışma
leave him by himself
(Konuşma Dili) bırak ne hali varsa görsün
leave him to himself
(Konuşma Dili) bırak ne hali varsa görsün
leave him to himself
(Konuşma Dili) bırak işine karışma
Englisch - Englisch
The reflexive pronoun for God
he; used as an intensifier, often to emphasize that the referent is the exclusive participant in the predicate

He was injured himself.

him; the male object of a verb or preposition that also appears as the subject

He injured himself.

The subject or non-reflexive object of a predicate; mainly in nonstandard dialects

Dennis: His glass is there and himself is in the toilet.

You use himself to refer to a man, boy, or male animal. He poured himself a whisky and sat down in the chair A driver blew up his car and himself after being stopped at a police checkpoint William went away muttering to himself
emphasis You use himself to emphasize the person or thing that you are referring to. Himself is sometimes used instead of `him' as the object of a verb or preposition. The Prime Minister himself is on a visit to Peking
An emphasized form of the third person masculine pronoun; used as a subject usually with he; as, he himself will bear the blame; used alone in the predicate, either in the nominative or objective case; as, it is himself who saved himself
Himself is a third person singular reflexive pronoun. Himself is used when the object of a verb or preposition refers to the same person as the subject of the verb, except in meaning 3
pron. his own person; to his own person; by his own person; from his own person
In written English, himself is sometimes used to refer to a person without saying whether that person is a man or a woman. Some people dislike this use and prefer to use `himself or herself' or `themselves'. The child's natural way of expressing himself is play
One's true or real character; one's natural temper and disposition; the state of being in one's right or sane mind (after unconsciousness, passion, delirium, or abasement); as, the man has come to himself
hid himself
concealed himself, camouflaged himself
every man for himself
An expression of panic, that everyone should forget about comradeship and save themselves
every man for himself

I quit showbusiness because there was too much of an every-man-for-himself attitude going on.

give him enough rope and he'll hang himself
If one gives someone enough freedom of action, they may destroy themselves by foolish actions
Every man for himself
(Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost) Everyone has to fight for his or her own survival. (You can use this to describe an extremely competitive situation.)
Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost
(Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost) Everyone has to fight for his or her own survival. (You can use this to describe an extremely competitive situation.)
accepted himself
took himself for who he is, learned to like himself
acquainted himself with
got to know, became familiar with
adapted himself
matched himself, suited himself
addressed himself to the issue of
spoke specifically about
adorned himself with borrowed plumes
improved his appearance with things that were not his
alienated himself from his family
estranged or distanced himself from his relatives
as himself
in the role of himself, as his own character
behaved himself
was good, obeyed, conducted himself properly
blamed himself
held himself responsible, thought he was the reason, thought himself guilty
brought it upon himself
caused himself the problems, created his own misfortune
by himself
alone, solitary; by his own ability
checked himself
restrained himself, repress himself
cleared himself
exonerated himself, vindicated himself, established his innocence, preserved his reputation
controlled himself
restrained himself, held himself back
defended himself
protected himself
degraded himself
humiliated himself, abased himself
deluded himself
mislead himself
did not know what to do with himself
felt at a loss, felt bored, felt frustrated
didn't know what to do with himself
felt at a loss, felt bored, felt frustrated
doesn't know what to do with himself
feels at a loss, feels bored, feels frustrated
effaced himself
made himself modestly inconspicuous, belittled himself
endangered himself
exposed himself to risk, imperiled himself
enjoyed himself extremely
had fun, had a good time, had a ball
enslaved himself
made himself a slave to, subjected himself to, bound himself
established himself
made a place for himself; set himself up in business
exerted himself
made an effort, struggled, toiled, laboured, tried hard
explained himself
made himself clear or understood, clarified or justified a previous statement or action
felt sorry for himself
pitied himself
found himself
learned what his abilities were and how best to use them
found himself a sucker
he found a very gullible person and used this naivete to his own advantage
fulfilled himself
found personal fulfillment, realized his desires
full of himself
inflated due to an exaggerated sense of self-importance
gives himself airs
has an affected or artificial manner, acts haughtily
gorged himself
ate greedily
gorged himself with
stuffed himself with (food, candies, etc.)
got himself a good job
works at a nice place, has a high-paying job
got himself a job
found work, found employment
got himself into a mess
became entangled in a problem
got himself out of the mess
got disentangled, got himself out of the problem
got hold of himself
took control over himself (i.e. his feelings, emotions)
he couldn't bring himself to believe
hard for him to believe, hard for him to convince himself
he himself
him by himself, he by himself
he is not himself
he is not acting the way he usually does
he quitted himself well
be behaved properly, he acted appropriately
helped himself to
took what he wanted, took what he needed; stole
in love with himself
egotistical and arrogant young man
insured himself
obtained personal insurance coverage
keeps himself in the limelight
wants to be center-stage, keeps himself in the spotlight, he's a headline chaser
kept his secret to himself
did not share his secret with anyone
kept to himself
did not associate with others; did not tell (a secret)
knows himself
familiar with himself
locked himself up in his room
shut himself up in his room
made a fool of himself
made himself out to be an idiot, made a laughingstock out of himself, made himself despised
made a name for himself
became infamous, his name goes before him
made a pig of himself
acted like a pig, ate like a pig, ate voraciously
outdid himself
did better than his past accomplishments, improved on his work
person who respects himself
principled person
prepared himself
got himself ready, did what was necessary
protected himself
defended himself from harm
proud of himself
feels great pride or joy in himself, highly pleased with himself
proved himself
demonstrated his ability
pulled himself together
came to his senses, composed himself
pushed himself forward
forced himself to the front, attracted the attention of others
put himself down
belittled his self-worth
repeated himself
said over again
resigned himself
submitted without complaint, quietly accepted, did not struggle against
resigned himself to his fate
made peace with his destiny, quietly accepted his situation
restrained himself
controlled himself
sacrificed himself
gave himself up
said to himself
expressed to himself, spoke to himself
shut himself away
went into seclusion, isolated himself
struggled with himself
did not know what to decide, experienced an inner conflict
stuffed himself
eat voraciously, ate a lot
sure of himself
is self-assured, has confidence in himself
talked to himself
talked to no one, spoke to an empty room, gave a monologue
thought highly of himself
saw in himself the right person for the job, showed an excess of self-confidence
thought to himself
reflected to himself, thought matters out alone
took care of himself
looked after himself, saw to his own needs
took it upon himself
took responsibility, accepted on himself
took upon himself
accepted responsibility
tortured himself
caused himself great pain, made himself miserable
true to himself
honest to himself, does not deceive himself
untrue to himself
behaves in a self deceiving manner
was ashamed of himself
felt guilty for his improper behavior
was himself again
recovered, recuperated, got back on his feet, got well



    Türkische aussprache



    his nibs, hisself


    /həmˈself/ /hɪmˈsɛlf/


    ... Well, Jim finally says to himself, you know, time traveling is kind of nice.  I'm going ...
    ... of make education for a priority himself by you ...

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