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(ikili) kulaklık
ikili kulaklık
{i} kulaklık

O VR kulaklık seti ne kadardır? - How much is that VR headset?

(isim) kulaklık
(Askeri) BAŞ MİKROFON TAKIMI, BAŞLIK, KULAKLIK: Kulaklığı ve mikrofonu başa takılabilen mikrotelefon takımı
Englisch - Englisch
On a bicycle, the system of bearings that connects the fork to the frame
A pair of headphones or earphones, or a singular headphone or earphone, typically with an attached microphone
A pair of headphones or earphones, sometimes including a microphone and meant to be worn on the head
the bearing system that supports the front forks
A device that contains the same technology as a handset but is worn on the head to keep the hands free
Allows a private, hands-free conversation with better sound quality than with a handsfree telephone but some users may have difficulties getting the headset on or off Disabled residential customers who rent the Converse 300 or Converse 220 telephone can be supplied with a Model 1 headset free (see 'Handsfree' entry in glossary) Close Window
is a combined input and output device that (1) captures the movement of your head from side to side and up and down and (2) includes a special screen that covers your entire field of vision
in the theatre, a network of headsets allow backstage technical staff to communicate without being heard by the audience The positions usually on headset are: Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Managers, Lighting Board Operator, Sound Board Operator, and Conductor
What keeps the fork and handlebar turning
the cup and bearing mechanism that allows a fork to turn freely in the head tube of the frame
receiver consisting of a pair of headphones
A headset is a piece of equipment that you wear on your head so you can see computer images or images from a camera in front of your eyes. a set of headphones, often with a microphone attached
On a bicycle, the combination of cups, cones, and ball bearings that creates the bearing mechanism that allows the fork column to rotate inside the head tube
The part of the bicycle frame where the fork, stem, and handlebar are fitted
1) An electronic device which the stage manager uses to give cues to the light board operator, and other crew members 2) An electronic device which when worn gives the user the right to say absolutely anything about any cast member, crew member, audience member, or anybody else, except others with headsets, at any time Nora S Beck, Stage Coach Players, Dekalb, Illinois
{i} headphones, device having one or two earphones
A headset is a small pair of headphones that you can use for listening to a radio or recorded music, or for using a telephone
1 The true sign of power 2 A piece of equipment used by techies to communicate about the play during the performance 3 A piece of equipment used by techies to complain about actors in the play during the performance
A headset
plural of headset



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    /ˈhedˌset/ /ˈhɛdˌsɛt/


    [ -"set ] (noun.) 1921. From head + set.

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