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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} liman
limana girmek
liman şehri
haven't got

they haven't got any money.

{k} have not
safe haven
(Askeri) güvenli bölge
I haven´t a penny to my name
Hiç param yok
I haven´t seen hide or hair of him
İzi tozu yok
data haven
veri cenneti
i haven't a penny to my name
Adımı i yok bir kuruş
new haven
Yeni cenneti
(Askeri) (MOVING) SEYYAR BARINAK: Bak. "moving havens"
i haven't seen anything
hiçbir şey görmedim
i haven't seen hide or
İzi tozu yok
moving submarine haven
(Askeri) SEYYAR DENİZALTI BARINAĞI: İntikaldeki denizaltıları çevreleyen ve belirtilmiş rota üzerindeki Denizaltının tahmini mevkiinden 50 mil ileriye, 100 mil geriye, 15'er mil yanlara doğru uzanan, denizaltı ihbarları ile tesis edilmiş saha. Ayrıca bakınız: "moving havens"
moving submarine haven
(Askeri) seyyar denizaltı barınağı
moving surface ship haven
(Askeri) SEYYAR SUÜSTÜ GEMİSİ BARINAĞI: Bir gemi veya gemi grubu rehberinin tahmini mevkii merkez alınmak suretiyle, normal olarak, belirli yarı çapta bir daire olarak kabul edilen, su üstü gemileri ihbarı ile tesis edilmiş saha. Ayrıca bakınız: "moving havens"
safe haven
(Askeri) GÜVENLİ BARINAK: 1. ABD hükümetinin sorumluluğunda muharip olmayan birlikler için tahsis edilen bölgeler ve geçerli bir iç veya acil durum anında ticari araçların ve teçhizatın tahliyesi. 2. Enerji Bakanlığı gizlilik dereceli nakliyecilerine Savunma Bakanlığı bünyesinde nükleer maddelerin veya nükleer olmayan gizlilik dereceli maddelerin güvenliği ve geçici depolanmasının sağlanması. Bu ayrıca A veya B sınıfı patlayıcı madde ihtiva eden ticari araçların parkını da kapsar
ship haven
(Askeri) gemi barınağı
ship haven
(Askeri) GEMİ BARINAĞI: Bak. "moving havens (seyyar barınak) "
tax haven
vergi cenneti
tax haven
(fiil)rgi cenneti
Englisch - Englisch
A harbour or anchorage protected from the sea
A place of safety; a refuge or sanctuary
To put into, or provide with a haven
{n} a harbor, shelter, reluge, retreat
A bay, recess, or inlet of the sea, or the mouth of a river, which affords anchorage and shelter for shipping; a harbor; a port
To shelter, as in a haven
{f} shelter, provide refuge, provide a safe haven
{i} sheltered place, refuge, harbor, sanctuary; anchorage
A place of safety; a shelter; an asylum
a shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary
A haven is a place where people or animals feel safe, secure, and happy. Lake Baringo, a freshwater haven for a mixed variety of birds. see also safe haven = refuge. a place where people or animals can live peacefully or go to in order to be safe haven for
a sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo
have not
Haven't is the usual spoken form of `have not'. the short form of 'have not'
{f} no, negative (used together with another verb to indicate past tense); do not possess
I haven't the foggiest
I don't know, I haven't a clue (as thoughts clouded by a thick fog)

I'm sorry, I haven't the foggiest. You should ask someone else.

safe haven
an investment that would lose little of its value in the event of a stock market crash
safe haven
a financially secure offshore bank or country during times of extreme uncertainty, or when domestic banks are suspected of becoming insolvent
safe haven
the hours of the day when it is permissible for broadcasting radio stations in the United States to broadcast profanity over radio waves without fear of retribution from the FCC
safe haven
a protected zone in a country, especially one designated for members of an ethnic or religious minority
tax haven
A country that levies low taxes on foreign businesses
I haven't done anything
I have done nothing, I am innocent
New Haven
A city of southern Connecticut on Long Island Sound northeast of Bridgeport. Settled 1637-1638 by Puritans, it was the center of a theocratic colony that was joined with Connecticut in 1664. From 1701 to 1875 it was joint capital with Hartford. New Haven is the seat of Yale University, founded in 1701. Population: 130,474. a city and port in southern Connecticut, US, where English Puritans first lived when they came to America in 1638. It is also the home of Yale University. City (pop., 2000: 123,626), south-central Connecticut, U.S. A port of entry on Long Island Sound, it was originally settled in 1638 and became part of the colony of Connecticut in 1664. It was the co-capital with Hartford until 1875. New Haven was sacked by loyalist forces during the American Revolution (1779), and during the American Civil War it was a centre of abolitionist activity (see abolitionism). A number of famous inventors made the city a centre of industrial technology, including Charles Goodyear, Eli Whitney, and Samuel F.B. Morse. It is the home of Yale University and several other educational and cultural institutions
New Haven
city in Connecticut (USA)
West Haven
A city of southern Connecticut, a residential suburb of New Haven. Population: 54,021
currency haven
place to deposit money where it cannot be taxed
present participle of haven
third-person singular of haven
new haven
a city in southwestern Connecticut; site of Yale University
safe haven
haven of rest, secure place
safe haven
The provision of the tax law (Section 530 of the Revenue Act of 1978) that protects Service Recipients from liability for employment taxes, penalties and interest under certain conditions
safe haven
If part of a country is declared a safe haven, people who need to escape from a dangerous situation such as a war can go there and be protected. Countries overwhelmed by the human tide of refugees want safe havens set up at once
safe haven
a place where a vessel can safely anchor or berth to enable measures to be taken to forestall or minimise the effects of damage (eg, to minimise the leakage of oil)
safe haven
Temporary refuge given to migrants who have fled their countries of origin to seek protection or relief from persecution or other hardships, until they can return to their countries safely or, if necessary until they can obtain permanent relief from the conditions they fled
safe haven
A safe haven is a place, a situation, or an activity which provides people with an opportunity to escape from things that they find unpleasant or worrying. the idea of the family as a safe haven from the brutal outside world. a place where someone can go in order to escape from possible danger or attack provide/offer/create a safe haven (for sb)
safe haven
If a country provides safe haven for people from another country who have been in danger, it allows them to stay there under its official protection. Some Democrats support granting the Haitians temporary safe haven in the US. = asylum
tax haven
A nation with a moderate level of taxation and/or liberal tax incentives for undertaking specific activities such as exporting or investing
tax haven
A jurisdiction that offers tax advantages or privileges, usually to persons who are not domiciled within that jurisdiction and the corporations and trusts that they form There are both low taxation jurisdictions, and zero taxation jurisdictions Nevisian tax for IBC's, LLCs and Trusts is zero There is no Nevisian income tax, no capital gains tax, estate or inheritance tax, no corporate tax and no withholding tax Many people are surprised to learn that the U S is a tax haven for what the U S immigration services calls non-resident aliens - because non resident aliens are entitled to tax free income on certain investments, providing they file the proper reports Of course, the U S is not a tax haven in the traditional sense of the phrase - but this tax free status can be put to good use by offshore entities that want to invest in the U S
tax haven
a financial center offering low taxes to non-residents, in which multinational companies are encouraged to set up offices
tax haven
a country with no or low tax structure
tax haven
a country or independent region where taxes are low
tax haven
An international banking and financial center providing privacy and tax benefits
tax haven
A state which imposes taxes that are substantially lower than those in other states
tax haven
A no-tax or low-tax jurisdiction
tax haven
A country with either no or very low tax rates that uses its tax structure to attract foreign investment or international financial dealings
tax haven
An international banking financial centre providing privacy and tax benefits A country with laws that create an extremely favorable tax avoidance environment
tax haven
A tax haven is a country or place which has a low rate of tax so that people choose to live there or register companies there in order to avoid paying higher tax in their own countries. a place where people go to live to avoid paying high taxes in their own country
we haven't the foggiest
we have no idea, we don't know



    Türkische aussprache



    /ˈhāvən/ /ˈheɪvən/


    [ hA-v&n ] (noun.) before 12th century. Old English hæfen, from Proto-Germanic *habanō (compare Dutch haven, German Hafen, Danish/Norwegian havn), from haban 'sea' (compare Old English hæf, German Haff 'gulf', Danish hav), from Proto-Indo-European *kopno (compare Irish cúan 'harbor, recess, haven'). See also hav.


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