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(Askeri) DEVRETME: Bir uçağın kontrol yetkisinin bir kontrol makamından diğer bir kontrol makamına devredilmesi. Devretme faaliyeti değişik sınıflar arasında ortak harekatları yürütürken veya tek bir komuta kontrol sistemindeki kontrol makamları arasında yapılabilir. Bu işlem alıcı kontrolör, kontrol yetkisini aldığı zaman tamamlanır
el değiştirme
devir teslim
(Mukavele) teslim
handover agreement
devir teslim anlaşması
handover certificate
devralma belgesi
aircraft handover
(Askeri,Havacılık) uçak devir teslimi
Airborne Target Handover System
(Askeri) Hava İndirme Hedef Devretme Sistemi
aircraft handover
(Askeri) UÇAK DEVİR TESLİMİ: Uçağın bir yetkili makamdan diğerine geçirilmesi
track handover
(Askeri) SORUMLULUĞUN (İZİN) DEVREDİLMESİ: Hava savunmasında iz yakalama sorumluluğunun bir iz yakalama bölgesinden diğerine devredilmesi işlemi
Englisch - Englisch
The transference of authority, control, power or knowledge from one agency to another
Synonym for Handoff
act of relinquishing property or authority etc; "the handover of occupied territory
{i} act of giving away something to someone else, act of surrendering of a person; act of giving up authority or property; (in Broadcasting) transfer to another person of control of the commentary during a broadcast
What occurs when a cell phone used in a car moves out of the range of one cell and needs to connect to the next available cell The preceding cell then hands over the connection to the stronger cell
The term used for many different types of meeting which take place when one shift comes on and another shift goes off Handovers have become increasingly important in the third quarter of the twentieth century as staff teams have increased and staff are less likely to be resident in the vicinity of the unit
When the control of a satellite is handed over from one station to a second station This occurs when a mission has scheduled supports at two stations and the supports overlap, or when two different supports are scheduled to occur close together
The switching of a mobile signal from one channel or cell to another There are two categories of handover, Internal handover and External handover
The handover of something is when possession or control of it is given by one person or group of people to another. The handover is expected to be completed in the next ten years
The transference of authority, control or power from one agency to another
act of relinquishing property or authority etc; "the handover of occupied territory"
A handover is an assignment switch from one timeslot to another performed during a task's execution See also, Handover Definition
The passing of a call signal from one base station to the next as the user moves out of range, re-routing the call
plural of handover