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Englisch - Türkisch
yapışkan madde
i., k.dili. vıcık vıcık şey
(isim) yapışkan madde
gunk up
Englisch - Englisch
A member of the gunk subculture
dirt or grime; any vague or unknown substance

I washed all the gunk off the light fixture, and found that it was white, not brown.

A subculture of 21st century American males, combining elements of modern gothic culture with punk rock
{i} sticky or greasy substance
You use gunk to refer to any soft sticky substance, especially if it is unpleasant. = gunge. any substance that is dirty, sticky, or unpleasant British Equivalent: gunge (Gunk, a trademark for a type of soap). be gunked up (with sth) to be blocked with a dirty sticky substance
any thick messy substance
gunk up
To soil or dirty; to mess up; to clog

The sandpaper strips off the old green paint, but it gunks up quickly.

greasy, messy or dirty
greasy, messy or slimey